The reality sinks in.

The last week or so has been a bit of a coaster of emotions, from denial about leaving my comfortable little home in town, leaving my lovely green, shady gardens, (which look great at this time of year may I add.) to anxiety about how we will all cope living in cramped living confines of the old van, and finally to feeling peaceful and excitement again.

Yesterday I spent some time listening to pod casts of some good sermons, in prayer and reflection.  After a nourishing dinner and an early night I have woken ready to go and was reminded of this scripture, and finally in my heart, I feel ready to move forward in our plans.  

This is the right move for our family, as unconventional as it may be.  Finally my amazing Grant has his spark back in his eye.  Ever since the 2010 floods that took our house I have always felt there was something in him that was missing, I'm not sure, perhaps his excitement about his home?  He seemed always restless in town.  But now we are moving back to the country, backing onto farmland, in an old cottage which he can work on.....I think the flood took something from him, and this move is bringing it back.  It brings me so much happiness to see him so deeply happy about this move and what it means to our family.  That man is one of the gentlest, hardest working, clever, positive, kindest, most loyal people I have ever met and I'm so incredibly proud and blessed to be walking though life with him by my side - I truly did marry my best mate.  He challenges me to be better, to grow, to try new things.  But he occasionally allows me to be a princess when it all gets too much - as long as it doesn't become a habit.  ;)    

But by golly we have some packing to do.....My house has empty boxes, newspapers and big checkered bags piling up everywhere we look, half sorted things and is generally looking chaotic.  Denial doesn't do the realities of moving house much good.....

Meanwhile is there anything as exciting as having a house full of boxes to play in?!

Money is still a concern, its going to be cutting it down to the line with the banks, even though we are actually reducing our mortgage by $100,000 - go figure?!  Absolutely worst case we buy in cash but that leaves us with no renovating budget.  We have not exhausted all avenues by any means yet and there is still a little time up our sleeve.   

Once we get in there will be a big couple of days repairing fencing to keep in Ronnie the collie, building a hutch for the chooks, fences for the veggie gardens.  We will be hiring a post hole digger so we need to have a rough garden design mapped out.  Our yard is going to be kinda flipped, due to the pre- existing fully grown fruit trees.  All the "work area" is close to the house, and I know from experience if I'm not able to see the veggies/herbs I will forget about them so they also need to be upfront.  The back half of the yard has a large clearing and I think we will be planting lots of native shrubs, large trees, ground covers and so forth and of course lawn will need to be laid for the boys.  We would love a seating area and a fire pit/bbq area out there also.  I'm pitching a dry riverbed area to Grant to make it a really natural, low water bush style garden with stepping logs and so forth, but I'm not winning on that one.  He is not thrilled at the idea of shifting heavy rocks.  But I'm not convinced I can't change his mind just yet!  I reckon it would be beautiful and awesome for the boys.  I have some plans kinda drawn out working around the pre-existing garden structures.  After the weekend when we have moved I'll work on them a little harder and more to scale and share them with you.  Ill have to work out how to share my pintrest boards with you!

Anyway I have school run to do and boxes to pack, best I get off the computer and get going for the day.

Much love,

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