Weekend reads

Well, another week has passed!

This time of year sure does fly, a reminder that we need to slowdown and be mindful more then ever I think.  Can you believe Christmas is almost upon us?

There has been loads of sewing here this week.  Which has been absolutely lovely!  The floor has been littered with bits fabric, stuffing and thread most of this week.  The boys got enthusiastically stuck into making their own Christmas decorations out of felt and buttons from my sewing stash, which kept them well amused one hot afternoon.

A morning

All is quiet and still here, the rest of the house is sound asleep.

The first light is beginning to rise and the sky is a beautiful soft grey.  The air is cool and the doors are open airing the house before the day heats up. 

Bruce the rooster crows loudly.  Letting us know it is indeed morning.  Though he is somewhat over zealous in his task as he starts this routine at about 2am.  Strutting to his post, surveying his yard and crowing proudly, ensuring all is well before he undertakes his other morning tasks.

Bruce the rooster strutting his stuff.

weekend reads

I have been hanging out a bit on Instagram this past week or so, which is why the blog has been a little quiet.  I have not really had the head space or the energy to write my thoughts in a particularly coherent manner blog post style, but things are getting back to normal now so here I am! 

my favorite part of my morning ritual before I get stuck into the days work.  

'Harvey' & 'Ollie' for sale

Meet ‘Harvey’ and ‘Ollie’. 

These cheeky little brothers are ready to go on an adventure to their new home! ‘Harvey’ is approx 10” tall and ‘Ollie’ is 4”. 

Here & Now

Well it is that time again!  I'm pleased to be able to join in with Say Little Hen's November 'Here & Now' link up.  I love this aspect of community within the blogging world.  Of sharing, and of linking in with other bloggers.  It really is such a beautiful thing.  Though I cannot quite believe it is November already.   

Loving //   I’m loving living in the little old cottage now that it is finally done!  I’m enjoying every second of the light, the space and the cleanliness now there is no more renovating happening around me.  We have our outdoor area back and we all go out there every morning and afternoon for a cuppa and a chat.  Minus this morning - the midgies forced me back inside.  

And these flowers.  I don't know what they are but they are well into their second week!  I love their unruly,  informal form and the pretty delicate, bell shaped flower.  Does anyone know what they are?  

Simple muesli recipe

Do you ever wonder how come some items seem exorbitantly priced compared to what they actually are?  

I do, and muesli is one of them. 

Rolled oates are cheap as chips - but add a few bits and bobs and call it muesli and suddenly the price is more then doubled or tripled.  (Depending on the brand.)

So being the tight wad I am, I make my own, using all good quality Australian ingredients, minus the cinnamon which I'm not sure where that is from.  Do we even grow cinnamon in Australia?  

Its super simple and quick thing to do so here is my method.  You can toast the oates if you so please, but I don't bother as I'm all about the quick and easy.  Its one of those recipes you can easily adjust to your own taste.  

Weekend reads

Morning rituals.  I used to dislike mornings intensely, choosing to sleep in until the very last moment.  Then mornings were harassed and rushed.  Now, I am sitting at the computer, finishing a blog post, after having my first coffee outside in the garden.  The kids are dressed, kitchen tidied, lunches packed and now I'm drinking my second leisurely coffee.  Funny how things change huh?

The air is cool, crisp and clean this morning.  The coffee is strong and good and the reading interesting.  I don't buy many magazines, but Grass Roots is always an worthwhile read.  It has me thinking of our farm, knowing that in all likelihood we will be there within the next few months.  Our little old cottage is officially on the market and auction is set 3 weeks from now.  Open inspections are booked for every weekend and no doubt there will be mid-week viewings too.

I have been organizing the yurt shipment, apparently it is Brown marmorated stink bug season in the USA, meaning the yurt needs to fumigated and then certified before it can enter the country.  We also need a customs officer to help get the yurt shipment in, and apparently there may be some kind of taxes on the item once it hits Australian shores.  Who knew?  I had naively presumed that once I pay the shipping (which was approx $2500, crating $300 and the fumigation which I think is about $300) that the item would get delivered to port, moved to a storage warehouse and I would simply need to pick it up with the cattle trailer once they have given me notice.  Somewhat like the post system but on a gigantic scale.  Apparently it is a little more complex.  Welcome to the beginning of hidden costs as we start this next season of life!  There is little point worrying about it, it is what it is, but we are now officially in a season of severe penny pinching.  Lucky I wasn't used to living extravagantly huh? 

I hope you enjoy this weekends links, as much as I have enjoyed finding them!  There are some real gems in there.  

Who needs extravagance when you have this outlook?  The birds are singing, the coffee is good and hot, the washing is drying on the line and if you peak just behind the washing line you can see the wooden ladder that goes up the most magnificent gigantic, gnarled pepper tree.  

the little old cottage tour

Hello there dear readers!

Goodness, the last couple of weeks have been a total blur, hence my somewhat haphazard blogging.  We have been painting, gardening, and getting the little old cottage ready for market.  Its been quite the process and I'm utterly knackered.  But I am glad to say, the photography has been done and the cottage will be listed in the next day or so.  As we were getting it ready I whipped around and took a few photos to share, as I know I have been promising a few shots for ages.

I hope you enjoy the tour!

The little old cottage, circa 1910

10 ideas for mindful, clutter free gifts for young children

Continuing on from my recent post about 10 ideas for mindful, clutter free gifts for teen/tween boys I though I would move on to '10 ideas for mindful, clutter free gift ideas for young children.'

Children are such interesting little people.  They are often quirky and into the most fascinating things. They like what they like without understanding the pressure of social norms which comes into play later on.  It's really a beautiful thing, they are uniquely themselves.  Our aim as parents should be to protect and nurture this uniqueness.

I don't believe in giving gender specific toys, so this list is for both girls and boys.  Play is universal, and so often children play by mimicking the adults in their life, they learn, grow and experience through copying and working along side us.  Little girls can learn about tools and fixing things and little boys can learn about caring and nurturing things.  In fact I totally believe they should.  Children don't need a lot of toys, but there are a few basics that stand the test of time, some I have touched upon.

Some of the many Waldorf dolls I have made.  

A quick catch up

Goodness, where has the week gone?

Juicing the last of the oranges, and an abundance of eggs from the chooks - thanks ladies!  

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