Spring has sprung!

I love spring, it must be my favourite season.  Mind you I say that every season......except in the middle of summer.....My fair skin is not designed for our hot dry summers.  Spring is full of new growth, new possibilities, new life.  Everyone looks to be outside. 

Henry watering the pots.  I thought by giving him a cup and a bucket to water with his exuberance would be contained, but alas 15 minutes later he was soaked through.  ha!

My camomile needs to be picked and dried for tea.

Fresh baked banana bread.

My beautiful bunch of sour sobs picked by little Henry.  A bit rumpled but picked with love and proudly displayed  "I pick you bootwiful fowers Mama."

Washing in the sun.  I love when its not draped around drying on racks inside our little cottage. 

I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! 

Much love,



Things have been plodding along at the little old cottage.  I'm so grateful for these spring days.  There has been organising, soap making, gardening, study (oh my goodness the study.) and of course caring for the boys.  Life has been just so full.

Sometimes it feels like too many things demand my attention.  But then as usual, my mind wanders back to something I read in a book about the Amish.  One Amish woman has just done her housework, another came to visit and with a pot plant or something and accidentally knocked it on the clean floor, making a dreadful mess.  Instead of being exasperated together they laughed, and cleaned it up.  When she was asked if she was frustrated she replied (I'm paraphrasing here.)  "Surely it is a blessing to have my dear friend visit, I would much rather have work to do with my friend then not.  Work is a blessing from the Lord."  Or something along those lines. 

It stuck with me.

We seem to live in a time where busyness can easily be idolised.  Where it can be an avenue of people justifying their worth.  Their contribution if you will.  But each person is special enough without all that "stuff".  Work is important, but not more important then the person doing it.

But instead of busy, I like to think of things as full.  Full.  Its a good word isn't it?  A full cup of coffee, a full table of food, a full bar of chocolate,  what blessings, what joys! 

So right now my life is full.  The study, oh my goodness.  There is no quick way to skim over the Old Testament in Uni.  The only way is to go through it.  (I'm reminded of the book We're going on a bear hunt..."we cant go over it, we cant go under it, we have got to go through it!...")
The reality is, that takes time.  So.much.time.  The history, the stories, the dates.  So many names.  But oh so fascinating.  I feel my brain being stretched.  My thoughts challenged.  What a blessing it is to be able to learn.  To grow.

Mothering is never ending.  The tears to wipe, the tummies to tickle, to books to read, the daily tasks to help with, the lessons to teach, the frustrations to ease, the meals to cook, the cleaning to be done. 

But what a blessing it is to have a full life.  

My organisation point finally back up.  So helpful!  Chargers, pens, notices, sticky tape.  All those bits gathered in the same place.

An old sheet cut into rags for cleaning, enjoying a cuppa and the sunshine.

There has been the ordinary house work, cooking, cleaning caring for the boys, the ongoing renovations.  The never ending washing.  But what a blessing it is to have a family to care for, to be needed so much.  To breathe my sweet boys in as they are warm and clean after their bath.  Sleepy and tired from a day of being little.   

There are pets to care for.  Just look at Ronnie's face!  So much beauty. 

Herbs and greens looking happy, a little nibbled but there is enough for all of us.

Spring is in the garden.

Soap has been made. 

There is church work to do.  Families to help with, friends to check in with, work to be done in my chaplaincy roll.  But what a blessing it is to be part of the community.  To be able to do Gods work.  To have His peace in my days, through the seasons. 

Sometimes it feels so busy.  But then I correct myself and remind myself that my life is simply full.  Because the things we do are all important, carefully chosen.  They are all a part of us.  Of the work we choose to do.  Its the work that weaves the fabric of our lives, the way we teach our boys the important lessons in life.  Work is a blessing.  We are made to work.  To be challenged is a blessing, to grow is a blessing. 

So today as I look at the things I need to fit in.  I breathe in.  And then give thanks, pour another cuppa.  Pop on the washing, stoke up the fire and steady myself to do the work of today.     

Much love,
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