On the road.

Well we are on the road as I write this.  A full week off and our longest period of time off togeather in-interrupted in 7.5years.  Fancy that huh?

We took the ferry to break up the long driving - the kids loved it! 

We have 3000-4000km to cover this week as we visit dear friends and family in Mt Gambier and NSW.  The old land cruiser has had a good clean, and we found a beautiful set of practically new pure lambs wool seat covers on gumtree specifically for our model of land cruiser with a bench seat for $50!  RRP is up around the $800 mark - SCORE!  We are travelling in luxury, with comfy seats, ipads with Netflix, audio books, air-con, home made sandwiches and double layer chocolate cake and a thermos of coffee.  Fit for the Queen!

On the road....

I remember when we used to travel to NSW when I was a kid in the old Ford Falcon station wagon and we had no air con, I was jammed in the middle of my two big brothers who would give me a dead leg if I dared cross on to “their” part of the seat and I had a little am/fm radio to listen to when it was in range, a book and a few toys.  Oh how times have changed!

The reality of having sold the shop has begun to sink in, Grant is looking more relaxed.  This week marks the end of our official hand over duties that Australia Post requires us to do to ensure the post is not interrupted.  Grant has decided he no longer needs to look neat and tidy so he is embracing his future as a farmer and growing a beard.  I reckon he should go Ned Kelly style, wear a flat cap and embrace his inner hipster which I’m sure is lurking somewhere deep inside.  He however does not find me nearly as funny as I find myself, but alas “such is life”.....Geddit?!  Ha!


Tilba lookout.  

Well I started writing this post on the road but had trouble with photo uploading so I’m now back home.  We had a wonderful holiday and saw so much country.  We started off in Adelaide, went to Mt Gambier to see Great Pop, stayed a night at lakes entrance, and off up the coast to Kainga where our friends were.  We loved visiting all the little towns around the region.  We fell in love with Tilba as I think everyone does!  The boys then spent a day with “Auntie & Uncle” surfing at the beach and relaxing while Grant and I visited the Snowy Mountains and did a little farm hunting about various places.... I do think Jindabine may just have my heart.  The country around there is ruggedly beautiful.  Within three hours from Canberra the terrain changes from coastal to bush to rainforest to mountain country.  I do not think I have ever seen such drastic and impressive scenery changes in all my life in such a comparatively short distance.  The boys imagination ran wild as they decided the huge rain forest country might just be home to dinasours still.

Kainga Beach

All in all it was a wonderful trip, and we plan on heading back that way in winter to perhaps do a little more “research”.  What is life if not an adventure right?

Much love,

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