Weekend reads and a drama

 Goodness.  What a messy week it has been.  I’m so very glad its Friday.

A bargain find and beginning our garden

I received a lovely surprise from my dear friend Sally from JembellaFarm last week in the form of beautiful homemade shortbread, a letter and a copy of Grass Roots in the mail.  The biscuits were made with butter from Lavender and they were utterly delicious.  It was like receiving a little piece of home and on Friday night Grant and I sat with a mug of tea each, the boys each had a cold cup of milk.  Together we savoured every mouthful.  (I'm a such a Nanna, I know.  But I embrace my Nanna like tendencies with gusto!)

 I am a little homesick for my lovely old cottage and dear friend and familys, but I know things will get easier with time and as we set up 'home' here. 

A goal!

Thank you for your kindness after my somewhat downer post on Monday.  Mondays are hard here as we have spent the weekend together and Angus's anxiety spikes at the thought of going back to school. 

But guess what?

the other side of the coin

I'm struggling at the moment. 

I'm oh so tired.

A walk

I thought I would show you a few pictures today from a recent bushwalk we took around the farm.  

Most of our property is bushland studded with gums, but we have a couple of small pockets of rainforest.  When we get livestock stock we will fence these areas off to protect them.  They are incredibly pretty and here are a few things that caught our eye on our walk.   

Henry was facinated by this 'hairy moss'.

What we have come to realize

Since taking on this new adventure of ours we have been forced to live oh so simply.  So much so, I look at how we used to live and doubt we will ever go back to living in quite the same way.

The little boys tent.  Cosy swags and a few of their very favourite and most precious toys.  

Weekend reads and our year of less update

I am a little slow in recording all the details for our Families Year of Less Challenge, due to being in a season of setting up the yurt and getting our feet on the ground here at the farm.  But this week will be an average sort of week for us and so I have been carefully saving all our receipts and I set up a spreadsheet with our rough budget and then a detailed record of what we actually spend and where for those who are interested.  Our weeks until now have not been "normal" with trips to Sydney and various other bits but now we are about back on track.  So, from here on out I plan to do a Weekend Reads post on a Friday as well as share week to week about our challenge progress. 

I'm not sure if this is of any real interest to anyone?  But if it is, do let me know and I shall share away in as much detail as you're interested in

Going forward there will be a stack of costs I will be able to record associated with up-cycling and salvaging second hand goods in which we will be using to set up our yurt into a lovely comfortable, off-grid two bedroom family home,  I hope this will eventually act as a resource to other Aussie's hoping to make a similar transition or changes in their lives.  The fact is we have a stack of stuff to do here on bugger all budget, so it will certainly require some resourceful problem solving!

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