A birthday and goings on

Firstly I'd like to thank all of you who sent us kind wishes after the passing of Ronnie.  We really appreciate the time it took to comment and your thoughts.  This is such a wonderfully kind little corner of the internet.  xx

This weekend our firstborn Will turned 13.  Officially a teenager.  Oh, how time flies!  Though in truth he has been a teenager in spirit for quite a while.  It's a pleasure to watch him working out who he is and to see him delve into and pursue his own interests.  He is still working away on his little log cabin, felling the trees with his axe, dragging them to the site and slowly notching them out.  It is slow, hard work but an excellent project for an energetic young bloke. Grant's promised him some time out there to give him a hand and keep him company for a bit.   

An unexpected loss

It was a dreadfully sad day yesterday.  A few days ago we found some fully engorged paralysis ticks on Ronnie our border collie.  We treat all our animals routinely with Bravecto a reliable tick/flea treatment but with one thing or another we were a little late with his next dose.  Not terribly late, but clearly late enough. The poor fellow must have collected some on a bushwalk and though we pulled them off and rushed him to the vet who gave him antiserum and various other medications it sadly wasn't enough. He has now been laid to rest alongside old Tessa.

Hug your pets a tightly tonight dear readers.
Much love,

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