What is off-grid living?

The basic definition of 'off-grid' simply means to not be connected to mains power, mains water and town effluent.  But the way people live this out in a practical sense differs widely from person to person.

Our off-grid yurt. 

meandering thoughts and farm kids

There is always something to do here, and every weekend Will can be found working alongside Grant.  Collecting and splitting firewood, helping with fencing, carting water and he even helps Grant with the woodroaches which is something I refuse to go near.  When Grant wants to take a rest, Will often hassles him to "Get back to work Dad!"  which always makes me chuckle.  He has always been a beautiful kid, but by golly, he is thriving here in ways I couldn't have imagined.  Grant is always inclusive and patient with the boys as they learn to work alongside him and I'll never tire of watching them all together. 

Weekend Reads

Winter has well and truly settled in and we often wake up to a heavy fog which has blanketed our valley.  The mornings are beautiful here.  Once the kids are off to school grab my camera, let the dogs out for a good run while I go for a walk to collect kindling for the fire.     


Whats been happening on the farm.

I have not managed much time here on the blog this past week as we have had my parents visiting from South Australia for 11 days, which was wonderful.  The boys loved seeing them, and though we may live 2000km away, these kinds of visits are of great quality with plenty of time to catch up over a cuppa and home cooked meals.  They left for home this morning and the farm is oh so quiet.  It's just me, the dogs, the cat, Gwinny the neighbor's old horse and a few of their cattle which have decided to pop over for a visit.  

There has been plenty of time hanging out in the yurt which whilst small, with plenty of work to be done before it's finished, is perfectly comfortable.   

wild dogs and the beginning of winter

Winter has well and truly hit here.  It's delightfully cold, windy and raining.  The tanks badly need a top up and with the rain settled in like it has, it should fill both of them.   

Henry feeling a little brighter helping me check on the first rise of tonight's bread.  

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