New Vlog on YouTube. Finally!

Well, I have been away far longer then I intended but I was determined to finish off our latest vlog before my next post. Hence the delay. 

I gotta say, I find it significantly simpler to write about our life here. 

Videoing can be blurry, there are animals and children to work around. The weather and light needs to be taken into consideration. Batteries die and memory cards fill up mid-filming. Then there is the editing process which is a whole other kettle of fish. It's ALOT to get my head around. 

Although I'm painfully slow at filming and editing, and I make a ton of mistakes before I get to the point of producing something remotely ok-ish to actually post, I'm very much enjoying the process of learning the ropes of this visual form of story telling. 

I also adhere strongly to the philosophy of done is better then perfect. 

It is easy to be paralysed by the desire to create something of perfection, to be scared to show our wobbly first steps to avoid potential embarrassment. But when we are authentic, I believe it encourages others to try the thing they want to try too. To step off the well worn path of what society shows us is 'success'.

We are surrounded by images of perfection today in a way no other generation has ever had to navigate. Of perfect homes, perfect colour-coordinated children wearing cute outfits, perfectly manicured gardens and cars. It can be a lot of pressure on people who are already prone to perfectionism to feel they have to keep up. 

However, that's not the life we have choosen, nor is it the life we lead. Money is usually tight, our cars are dinged up, our farm has about eleventy billion projects to do, There are piles of salvaged materials patiently waiting to be needed, our clothes are mostly thrifted, as are most of the things we buy. But our garden is green, our animals healthy, our children happy and our hearts full of love. 

And that, dear readers, I think is pretty good. 

Besides, if we live our lives in fear of what might go wrong, imagine all the things that might go right we would miss?

So, on that note, if you're interested in checking out the vlog the link is below. In this vlog we share parts of our ordinary days living on the farm off-grid in a yurt, the children, animals and a general update of what we have been up to. And you see plenty of a super cute, toddling Elsie.

I hope you enjoy this snippet of our lives!

Much love,

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