Quiet days and bathroom progress

We are all sick at the moment with a nasty cold, well most of us anyway. Grant and Will seem to have missed the cold this time round. I have had Angus and Henry home from school since last Thursday. It feels like the days stretch on forever and I'm dragging my feet to get anything much done. 

Currently the sun is out, though the air remains crisp.  I have rugged the kids up and turfed them out onto the trampoline for a bit to make the most of the sunshine while I try to get the yurt into some kind of order.  I always feel better when the floors are clean, even if it doesn't last long. Clearly, as I am here with you my motivation to get on top of the jobs wained! 

As such, not a lot has been going on from my end. There have been movies, cups of tea, books, tissues and mandarins in hand. And the washing, which never ends. Even Aggie has relegated herself to the couch. Refusing to go outside for anything but a wee, before taking her rightful place back on the couch again, surrounded by blankets and pillows no less.

However Grant, as usual, is a hive of activity. He's been pottering away on building the permanent bathroom/mudroom under the little porch which is wonderful. As always we are using as much recycled materials as possible. It is being clad in second hand iron, the wooden door was bought from the local salvedge yard, the bath is a free salvage find as is the sink which isn't in yet. The internal walls will be clad in a waterproof sheeting with a tile look. It's super quick to install, affordable and should be tough for this kind of space.  The composting toilet box is made up of left over bench from the kitchen and varnished. The inner pipe is a giant free salvaged PVC pipe and under the porch we are using big black bins for the collection of waste. They then get left to compost and the fully composted material will get scattered in the bush. 

The bathroom is clearly a building site, and as such it currently looks pretty grubby. It doesn't help that Tucker has decided he likes to sleep in the bath, and until the walls are clad we can't keep the cheeky fellow out. But once it's finished the floors and bath etc will all scrub up just fine with a bit of elbow grease and it will be a clean, functional space. In the aim of being transparent and keeping it real, I figure I may as well show you the progress shots. I will be very happy not to have to traipse across the yard to shower in our current draughty makeshift bathroom which consists of some old iron, a cattle trough and a camping hot water system with terrible water pressure. I mean it gets you clean sure, but it gets old fast. 

Anyway, I think it's time for Elsie to have a nap so I best get going. I hope you are keeping well dear readers! 

Much love,

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