These moments....

Our days are made up of many moments.  Some good, some not so good.  But by slowing down and capturing the good ones we can feel like we are living a good life.  I often look around at my comfortable little house, with its up-cycled cupboards, mis-matched furniture, shoes spilling out from the designated shoe rack, dogs sleeping on the doormat and wonder "how did I get so lucky?".

These are some of the moments of our days recently....

Leeks from our garden and using up bits and bobs to make a nourishing soup.

Some new dolls taking shape for some beautiful friends.  I love to trade skills! 

Out garden in the winter twilight.  Little Henry is pottering about.

Playing puzzles next to the smouldering fire on a damp winters day. 

Cuddles with my sweet boy.  My good friend is a talented Aborigional artist and she designed this wrap in which I'm holding Henry.  It's called "salt bush" and it's just stunning.  



Autumn is here.  (Or even winter yes?!) It's cold anyway.  And wet. 

The days are growing shorter, the winter quilts are on the beds, the fire is on permanently, the garden has slowed and the trees are losing their leaves.  
Max the cat finds the cosiest place and sleeps the day away.  (I envy him!) 

I love the change of seasons, there is a crispness to the air.  

I love layering up, leggings, boots, wool thermals, dresses and scarves.  I think in many ways this is my favourite season.  I like slow cooking, soups, and roasts.  The kind of food this weather encourages.  I'm undecided if it's because I love that style of food, or if it's because I'm a little lazy and if I can get dinner into just one pot, with minimal effort and a good result I'm happy.  

Our woollies are coming out, washing is being hung inside and on clothes racks increasingly more.  There is a level of organisation required in winter to get things done.  

My basil has sadly coming to an end, as others like coriander are coming into their own.  I'd love to set up a greenhouse kind of area to play with growing a few other warm weather things during this cooler weather.   

This cooler weather is causing me to spend more time indoors, which forces me to spend more time looking at stuff that needs my growing "pile of crap". Because this house is small, there is no place to hide things.  I'm sure many people have a pile like this....

Finally I got fed up with looking at it and it now looks like this...I give it about two weeks before the chaos sets in again but I'm enjoying it while it lasts!

I'm missing my sewing terribly, I have little time for it at the moment.  I know I will again soon enough.  Though I have finally managed to finish this set of dolls, I'm just waiting for the big girls wig to be dyed then I can send her to her new home.  Every now and again I get a doll that is particularly difficult to make.  No reason, just things constantly go wrong.  This doll was one of those, apparently her little owner is full of spunk too.  ;) 

Anyway I was up at 5am this morning on the premesis that I got to go back to bed for a couple of hours and that we would split the sleepin into shifts.  I have done my two hours, it's a little past 7am and I'm off back to bed for an hour or two.  I am not, nor ever have been a morning person! 


birthdays, confimations and contracts....

I know my little blog has been quiet lately, Thank you so much for continuing to pop in here are care what our little family are up too.  I have such a lovely little bunch of readers -  Much love to you!

We are doing really well.  Life is simply really busy.  This term I have taken on my Period of Discernment which is a program which is run through the Uniting Church.  It involves broadening my ministry skills, some study, and a mentor as well as some workshops at collage.  I think I have mentioned this in prior blogs posts?......Anyway I'm loving it so far and I can tell I am going to learn so much.  My mentor is amazing and I cannot wait to hear and learn more from her.  

But it is busy.  It is essentially like going back to work a couple of days a week by the time I tack it on top of my other volunteer work.  This term I am focusing on goals, setting up new rhythms, working out which ministries to be involved in and then starting in the new semester I will undertake the study component.  Which is a joy to do but it means our lives are going through a settling period where we as a family find our feet and adjust to our new rhythm. 

I'm focusing on establishing a routine that prioritizes cooking from scratch, sleep and family time.   My sewing and blogging have been put on the back burner for a bit.  But I am here and doing well.  I am thinking I will try to work on a weekly blog and perhaps a photo post.  I do love the focus blogging gives me.  It feel like we are stepping away from our simple living goals a bit but I know from experience it is just a season, and it will pass.  Simple living is in my heart and I know we will continue to keep things as simple as possible.  

I thought I would update you guys on a couple of big events that have occurred around here.  Finally I did my confirmation, it has been on the list to do for ages, the Rev and I finally hooked up a date.  It was pretty cool and whilst I was really nervous about giving an in depth testimony in front of the church, frankly, I nailed it!  (with a whole lotta help from the big fella, I admit as I was a nervous wreak.  ;) 

Baby Henry has also turned two!  I cannot believe it.  My sweet baby is officially a toddler.  He is such a delight and makes us laugh everyday. 

We had a simple roast lunch with veggies and herbs picked from the garden, and gravy made from the juices.  (is there any other way?!)  with family for his birthday at home.  The kids played in the garden, the adults chilled out and caught up.  It was a lovely, simple, relaxing afternoon. 

We kept his presents really simple.  I made some hangings for his bedroom wall, and we had previously bought a wooden barn made by the local "Mens Shed" group, and an old fashioned wooden counter thing.  My parents bought him more Schleich animals for his barn, we have slowly been collecting them as he loves his animals and these ones are beautiful and sturdy. 

Here are some pics.....

Opening his pressures!

Of course he needs a little help.....

One of the quickest birthday cakes I have ever made! 

And a late afternoon cuddle with his best mate.

The wall hangings for his room.  The woven fabric on the top right is a peice hand woven from the wrap I wear him in.  

And in other news our shop has actually gone under contract as of this afternoon, it is early days, there are some conditions on it but we are very hopeful!  One step closer to our farm dreams!


A splash of colour!

We were trying to be a TV free house.  I want to be a TV free house, but the problem with this concept is that I discovered I actually LIKE TV......which makes it really hard!  I just love the concept of a TV free childhood. 

I have come to the conclusion I'm just not that crunchy.  I try to be, I'd like to be, but I really do love sitting down in front of the fire and snuggling up to a good movie at night! 

Earlier this year we lined our the shed out the back which is a fantastic room, and fully intended for the house to be a TV free zone and that room have a TV for occasional use.....but things changed.

It didn't work me not being able to supervise the little ones closely, we were heating/lighting that room and the lounge which is not cost efficient, when they were sick I wanted them close but needed to be able to be able to potter about looking after them too.  

So back to a low technology house we are and I'll have to be firm on TV times.  Which is fine.  

Our current TV is too big and too obtrusive.  Which is part of the reason I disliked the TV in the first place I think.  It felt like an entire room was dedicated to that function and it was not what I wanted out of the room, or for our family life. 

So we have bought a small, cheap TV which will also get taken in our old van for when we go on big caravan trips with the kids.  That way we can all snuggle up and enjoy a movie at night, so a good compromise I think.  One stone two birds and all that.  

Anyway I wanted the TV to sit quietly in the corner, not dominate the entire room.  So I bought a little solid timber TV unit second hand off gumtree for $40.  I rearranged the lounge (again!!) and got the room to flow in a way I'm pretty happy with.  Have I mentioned I LOVE re-arranging the house?!  It seriously excited me to try and work out how to make things look/feel the best I can.  

But the unit was dark and characterless.  My lounge felt like it was being overtaken by Baltic pine.  So I gave it a lick of paint and now it makes me smile!  A lovely job to do in the garden enjoying the beautiful day! 


Finished, I bought the hand painted ceramic handles ages ago from a little shop I loved, but had never used them and they work in great! 

I'm really enjoying embracing colour!  Once upon a time I would never have been bold enough but now it's a cheery, fun peice of furniture and really brightens up what was a dark corner, and by the TV being in the corner it s not the first thing you notice, I look forward to the little TV arriving next week which will help a lot.  It's a bit out of proportion with such a big TV on top for now! 


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