Autumn is here.  (Or even winter yes?!) It's cold anyway.  And wet. 

The days are growing shorter, the winter quilts are on the beds, the fire is on permanently, the garden has slowed and the trees are losing their leaves.  
Max the cat finds the cosiest place and sleeps the day away.  (I envy him!) 

I love the change of seasons, there is a crispness to the air.  

I love layering up, leggings, boots, wool thermals, dresses and scarves.  I think in many ways this is my favourite season.  I like slow cooking, soups, and roasts.  The kind of food this weather encourages.  I'm undecided if it's because I love that style of food, or if it's because I'm a little lazy and if I can get dinner into just one pot, with minimal effort and a good result I'm happy.  

Our woollies are coming out, washing is being hung inside and on clothes racks increasingly more.  There is a level of organisation required in winter to get things done.  

My basil has sadly coming to an end, as others like coriander are coming into their own.  I'd love to set up a greenhouse kind of area to play with growing a few other warm weather things during this cooler weather.   

This cooler weather is causing me to spend more time indoors, which forces me to spend more time looking at stuff that needs my growing "pile of crap". Because this house is small, there is no place to hide things.  I'm sure many people have a pile like this....

Finally I got fed up with looking at it and it now looks like this...I give it about two weeks before the chaos sets in again but I'm enjoying it while it lasts!

I'm missing my sewing terribly, I have little time for it at the moment.  I know I will again soon enough.  Though I have finally managed to finish this set of dolls, I'm just waiting for the big girls wig to be dyed then I can send her to her new home.  Every now and again I get a doll that is particularly difficult to make.  No reason, just things constantly go wrong.  This doll was one of those, apparently her little owner is full of spunk too.  ;) 

Anyway I was up at 5am this morning on the premesis that I got to go back to bed for a couple of hours and that we would split the sleepin into shifts.  I have done my two hours, it's a little past 7am and I'm off back to bed for an hour or two.  I am not, nor ever have been a morning person! 



  1. I have a pile of crap that looks very similar yours. Mine is in the craft room beside my printer. I tend to clear it up once a month. I dread it every time. :)

    1. I clear mine when it starts to fall on the floor! ;)

      There was actually our uni degrees in there that had been bent over...ooops! they were fine, but filing and paperwork are my least favorite things!

      Im better then I was mind you but still not great.



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