These moments....

Our days are made up of many moments.  Some good, some not so good.  But by slowing down and capturing the good ones we can feel like we are living a good life.  I often look around at my comfortable little house, with its up-cycled cupboards, mis-matched furniture, shoes spilling out from the designated shoe rack, dogs sleeping on the doormat and wonder "how did I get so lucky?".

These are some of the moments of our days recently....

Leeks from our garden and using up bits and bobs to make a nourishing soup.

Some new dolls taking shape for some beautiful friends.  I love to trade skills! 

Out garden in the winter twilight.  Little Henry is pottering about.

Playing puzzles next to the smouldering fire on a damp winters day. 

Cuddles with my sweet boy.  My good friend is a talented Aborigional artist and she designed this wrap in which I'm holding Henry.  It's called "salt bush" and it's just stunning.  



  1. Emma, there must be a lot of work involved in making your dolls. I imagine they would be quite time consuming but the end product is worth it isn't it?

    1. sorry Chel, I missed your comment. Yes many hours, sometimes 20hrs plus for a big detailed doll. but less for a smaller, simple doll. I think the value of a hand crated product is in the details, the love put into it and the uniqueness. So its worth it to me. :)



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