birthdays, confimations and contracts....

I know my little blog has been quiet lately, Thank you so much for continuing to pop in here are care what our little family are up too.  I have such a lovely little bunch of readers -  Much love to you!

We are doing really well.  Life is simply really busy.  This term I have taken on my Period of Discernment which is a program which is run through the Uniting Church.  It involves broadening my ministry skills, some study, and a mentor as well as some workshops at collage.  I think I have mentioned this in prior blogs posts?......Anyway I'm loving it so far and I can tell I am going to learn so much.  My mentor is amazing and I cannot wait to hear and learn more from her.  

But it is busy.  It is essentially like going back to work a couple of days a week by the time I tack it on top of my other volunteer work.  This term I am focusing on goals, setting up new rhythms, working out which ministries to be involved in and then starting in the new semester I will undertake the study component.  Which is a joy to do but it means our lives are going through a settling period where we as a family find our feet and adjust to our new rhythm. 

I'm focusing on establishing a routine that prioritizes cooking from scratch, sleep and family time.   My sewing and blogging have been put on the back burner for a bit.  But I am here and doing well.  I am thinking I will try to work on a weekly blog and perhaps a photo post.  I do love the focus blogging gives me.  It feel like we are stepping away from our simple living goals a bit but I know from experience it is just a season, and it will pass.  Simple living is in my heart and I know we will continue to keep things as simple as possible.  

I thought I would update you guys on a couple of big events that have occurred around here.  Finally I did my confirmation, it has been on the list to do for ages, the Rev and I finally hooked up a date.  It was pretty cool and whilst I was really nervous about giving an in depth testimony in front of the church, frankly, I nailed it!  (with a whole lotta help from the big fella, I admit as I was a nervous wreak.  ;) 

Baby Henry has also turned two!  I cannot believe it.  My sweet baby is officially a toddler.  He is such a delight and makes us laugh everyday. 

We had a simple roast lunch with veggies and herbs picked from the garden, and gravy made from the juices.  (is there any other way?!)  with family for his birthday at home.  The kids played in the garden, the adults chilled out and caught up.  It was a lovely, simple, relaxing afternoon. 

We kept his presents really simple.  I made some hangings for his bedroom wall, and we had previously bought a wooden barn made by the local "Mens Shed" group, and an old fashioned wooden counter thing.  My parents bought him more Schleich animals for his barn, we have slowly been collecting them as he loves his animals and these ones are beautiful and sturdy. 

Here are some pics.....

Opening his pressures!

Of course he needs a little help.....

One of the quickest birthday cakes I have ever made! 

And a late afternoon cuddle with his best mate.

The wall hangings for his room.  The woven fabric on the top right is a peice hand woven from the wrap I wear him in.  

And in other news our shop has actually gone under contract as of this afternoon, it is early days, there are some conditions on it but we are very hopeful!  One step closer to our farm dreams!



  1. Congratulations all around!!!! You have been very busy. Very exciting. :)

  2. I hope the sale of the shop goes through for you Emma. Your program of study with the church sounds very worthwhile. What does being confirmed into the Uniting Church involve/mean?

    1. I think the study will be amazing for me.

      In the uniting church we do both infant baptisms, dedication services (where the parents dedicate to raise their children to know Christ)

      So as a result we do baptism at any stage and also confirmation. Which is where as an independent person will confirm their faith to their church, to God. Basically you have decided to live your life as a Christian and all that entails and there is a simple ceremony to acknowledge that.

      In my position as a leader in the church and on council it is important that I have made this promise In front of my church.



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