a catch up!

Well hello there dear readers!

Its been a little longer between posts then I intended.  I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Gingerbread house made from scratch

Things have been downright hectic here the last few weeks.  We have covered thousands of KMs driving around the country after a flying trip to the farm in NSW to drop off the old caravan and my fathers old tractor.  Then we came home to quickly unpack and wash only to repack and do the rounds visiting family for a few nights over Christmas.


Weekend reads

Well, another week has passed!

This time of year sure does fly, a reminder that we need to slowdown and be mindful more then ever I think.  Can you believe Christmas is almost upon us?

There has been loads of sewing here this week.  Which has been absolutely lovely!  The floor has been littered with bits fabric, stuffing and thread most of this week.  The boys got enthusiastically stuck into making their own Christmas decorations out of felt and buttons from my sewing stash, which kept them well amused one hot afternoon.


A morning

All is quiet and still here, the rest of the house is sound asleep.

The first light is beginning to rise and the sky is a beautiful soft grey.  The air is cool and the doors are open airing the house before the day heats up. 

Bruce the rooster crows loudly.  Letting us know it is indeed morning.  Though he is somewhat over zealous in his task as he starts this routine at about 2am.  Strutting to his post, surveying his yard and crowing proudly, ensuring all is well before he undertakes his other morning tasks.

Bruce the rooster strutting his stuff.

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