Today is the end of an old season and the beginning of a new.  The shop has officially changed hands.

Aggie sends her love.  

It has been such a long time coming I am unsure what I feel, a lot of things I guess.  To think we are actually going to do all those crazy things we have been talking about and dreaming about for years.  Well it hardly feels real.

I am looking forward to this new season, of hopefully a slower time.  But I am grateful for all the things the business has brought us.  For now I'm going to enjoy spending more time together as a family, of slowing down, camping and simply being together, just being.  

Much love,

Nearly sold.

Hello there dear readers.

Well where to start......The shop is due to settle in two days, if everything goes well.  It was supposed to settle two weeks ago but there was a hiccup with the buyers bank.  Can you believe it?  I cannot quite believe it myself after owning the business for the last 7 years.  It has been a good business, our children have grown up behind the counter, chatting to customers and generally causing mild chaos amongst helping with small jobs here and there.

Angus turned 7 and we had a family birthday at home, a visit from friends and a trip to the zoo with our zoo passes.  Introducing the "LEGO head cake"

Angus is fully recovered from his nasty burst appendics and I am still recovering from my heart problems at the end of last year.  Though recovery has been slow and often frustrating I am slowly improving.  My energy is beginning to return bit by bit and I’m beginning to be able to manage more which is truly wonderful.  I’m far from my “normal” but life is getting easier again around here.

I would like to show you inspirational simple living photos.  I would.  But frankly our lives have been about paring back, sleep, and sanity.  Cooking good food when we can, and doing our best with basic thrown together meals when we need.  Seasons and all that.

Our family has certainly learnt to embrace “slow” these last few months!

The boys have turned into professional cubby house builders.

I have been so very tired, and have embraced my introverted side fully.  Simply managing the small day to day stuff has taken everything I have and often more.

We have been looking at properties recently, and researching various aspects of off-grid living and affordable building options so we are ready to move once the little old cottage is finished and on the market.  Things are going to be very tight if we are going to do it all in cash but hey ho, we are always up for a challenge!

I have been too tired to even get out in the garden much, so here is my newest collection.  Indoor plants!  

I’m not going to lie, I am certainly nervous about being unemployed.  Grant will have his trusty wood roach farm which he has been madly expanding in preparation to move and that little business is still going very well.  The roaches even got an air mist fan over the heat of summer to ensure they were at the ideal temperature!  Money is very easy to spend and hard to save, so deciding to live off savings while we finish renovating the house will mean we watching every penny closer then we have ever before.  But challenges are all part of what makes life interesting, yes?

Well my coffee mug is near empty so it’s time I toddled off and got started on my day.

Much love,
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