Merry Christmas and weekend reads

Well, Christmas is nearly upon us and I'm signing off for the week while our family spends quality time together.  We have a big Church long table Christmas dinner tonight to attend too, a Christmas eve service to attend, lights still to see, crackers to make and no doubt there will be a few trips to the beach.   Christmas will be a simple day here with some Aussie prawns, BBQ and salad, cheese/nibbles, Australian ham off the bone and a pavlova.  There will be a few gifts under the tree, phone calls to family and perhaps a picnic at the beach if the weather permits.  The dogs will get a nice bone and we will play board games and relax to Christmas movies and music.    

A cool change has come in today and we are all feeling much happier and more relaxed.  I'll be the first to admit the recent dry heat makes this heavily pregnant Mama bear somewhat growly.  However, the yurt has had all its windows opened up and we have a couple of awnings to set up still as there is a little rain predicted over the coming week.  Frustratingly, each time we look at the forecast the amount of rain predicted seem to get downgraded.  It's looking more and more like dry thunderstorms, which are not ideal considering the brown and crispy nature of the landscape.  We went for a bushwalk the other day and even the understory in the pockets of rainforest is gone.

May the new year bring lots of rain throughout the country.

I wish you all a safe and merry Christmas dear readers.  Thank you for your ongoing support, encouragement and interest in our journey towards living a simpler life.

Much love,

A Simple Living Journey: The path less travelled
As we enter a new year, it can be helpful to reflect the life we live and the changes we want to make amidst the noisy marketing that exists at this time of year.  Here is an older blog post I hope will help you remember to follow the beat of your own drum.

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A helpful path for those on a path to less.

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ABC: Going zero waste in regional Queensland
An Aussie mother trying to reduce waste in rural Australia.

Vogue: sustainability 2020s circular fashion and textile recycling
I feel like this kind of fashion is going to be out of my price range, and that the consumer market would have to have a complete overhaul.  But it's an interesting concept none the less.  I hope it moves forward.

A simple frugal quilting project

I have made a simple raggedy quilt for all three boys and with this little one I was conscious that I may be strapped for time to sew for quite a while after her birth with 4 children to care for, so I decided to get cracking early.

Once upon a time, it seemed perfectly natural to go out and buy beautiful fabric to then cut up and quilt.  There is certainly a time and place for that kind of creativeness especially if your budget allows for it, but in this season of our lives, mine simply doesn't. 

Preparing for a baby - the simple way

Walking into a baby superstore can be an overwhelming experience.  What cot/bassinet/pram/car seat/stroller is best?  What about a bouncer, or a rocker?  Cloth nappies or disposable nappies?  Then there is a multitude of clothing, toys, bedding and nursery decor to peruse.

A little baby Henry

Babies.  They are big business.  Like all big businesses they play on peoples emotions, in this instance, it's parents wanting the best for their little bundles of joy to come.

But what do babies really need?

weekend reads

Ah, Christmas.

Are you feeling excited about Christmas?  Or are you feeling totally unenthusiastic about the sheer volume of advertising, the pressure to consume and to keep up with the Joneses?

I don't tend to blog a whole lot on the topic of Christmas, because I have no desire to add to the noise and pressure that people already feel during this time of year.  But this weekends reading list there are two posts I wrote last year on mindful gift-giving for kids, and another for tweens/teens which you may want to check out of you are stuck for gift ideas.

Giving gifts that are going to be consumed like quality local produce or homemade goods make lovely gifts for the adults in your life.  As well as supporting small local businesses and farmers.  For kids, we like to give practical items that they will need for the new school year in their Santa Sacks.  Our children all need new lunch box's so I have purchased sturdy stainless steel $8 lunch boxes for all of them from Ali and fresh undies for the new year.  They always laugh about getting undies from Santa, and these things add up hugely if left to the purchase at the beginning of the year straight after Christmas.  Why not kill two birds with one stone?  There are school socks yet to buy, a fresh drawing pad each, stickers and stationery.  The little boys have a small $15 lego set and Will has asked for a new cap.  Add in a book each and some lollies and their Santa Sacks will be bursting at the seams!  With the added bonus of the majority of the school preparation for the new year is done way in advance.

Christmas with children and the thought of our homes filling with more pointless stuff we don't need nor use can feel utterly overwhelming.  But with a little planning, it can be a time where we give them the things they will need for the new season.  I believe and have witnessed in my own family, that giving like this cultivates an attitude of gratefulness.  Getting things remains an occasional and special treat which builds anticipation and adds to the overall sense of pleasure.

Much love,


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