Camping at the farm

Slowly but surely we are beginning to set up camp at the farm.  Though we have a little way to go to get things properly comfortable and functioning in a manner which will suit us longer term.  (Well a couple of weeks is longer term.) But we have solar fairy lights strung up now, so that counts as civilized, yes? 

This is our little makeshift camp as of a few days ago.  Its not pretty, but it does the job.  We are yet to put up a washing line.  Our last one was rigged from the Landcruiser to the timber shelter!  I meant to take a photo as it was pretty funny, but this heat is draining and I keep forgetting to photograph things!  Next week I promise to have more pictures.  


*Thanks for following along as I share our families journey to off grid living and farm life here.  We are waiting satellite internet to be connected to the farm next week, so I may be slow in replying to comments and emails until then as it relies on my getting to town.  But I will endeavour to reply the best I can when I do get internet service.  I appreciate and read everything that is written in this little corner of mine and I thank you for taking the time to visit and reach out.  xx

The river we have legal access too.  Its shallow at the moment as its been dry, but apparently it makes a great swimming hole.

Well we are here, though perhaps a little worse for wear!

What an epic trip.

On the road

Well, we well we are officially on the road.  It’s been a huge week and we will be glad to get to the farm and process it all.  

It’s damn hot today, we are expecting about 43C in Hay, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m a little concerned about crossing the Hay Plains with a fully loaded old land cruiser, the kids and the animals.  But as is always necessary when travelling through rural Australia we have plenty of water, RAA cover and the cruiser has been carefully checked over and recently tuned and serviced.  

Due to the heat we have a smaller day planned today, only expecting to get to West Wyalong tonight. Tomorrow will be cooler thankfully.  

Just a quick update today dear readers, I hope this finds you well. 

Much love, 

Weekend Reads

Well, things are beginning to come together ready for our move to NSW.  Grant has had two interviews this week and has been offered a full-time trucking job, he will find out about the other on Monday.  At the very least he has a good job ready to go as soon as we do our final move next week, for which we are very grateful.

 I can't quite believe that in less then a week we will be loading up the essentials, our three kids, three dogs, two cats and Squirtle the turtle into the old land cruiser with a cattle trailer hitched to the back and moving 1700km's away.

It's going to be utter madness, I'm quite sure.  But then again what isn't a little odd, left of centre and crazy when it comes to this motley crew of mine?  But I do love them so.  Adventures eh? 

There were three in the bed and the little one said.....I'm not sure where Grant is intending on sleeping when he gets home from NSW.  Bahahaha!

Forest Man (YouTube)
The power of one person to make an impact.  Small tasks carried out over a period of a lifetime can add up to phenomenal changes.  This is an inspiring story, which really needs a Go Fund Me page as I'm sure people all around the world would love to contribute to such a wonderful cause.

Meet the Frugalwoods
I borrowed this book a while ago on Libby, and it finally came in this week.  It was a really interesting read about how a young couple have managed to essentially retire in their early 30's, move to the woods and raise their young family.  It's a book which combines humour, great storytelling and practical, motivating information.

Craft Is Not Trivial
I loved this article on the importance of craft and what it brings us.

Words By Ange
A new friend of mine is a writer who is in the process of working on her first books.  She has been blogging for a little while but after a great convo one arvo she is re-jigging her blog this year.  I look forward to following along!

The dirt on composting toilets
Oh yeah, because my life is that glamorous! (YouTube)

May you have a wonderful weekend!
Much love,

reflections on the end of a season

As this move which consists of 1763km or 1095miles half-way across this vast country of ours edges closer, the inevitable "goodbyes" have begun.  I'm not one for fuss, much preferring to slip away quietly with a quick "see you later."

But even those are hard.

Today my heart ached as I sat at my dear friend Sally's kitchen table for the final time for goodness knows how long.  Sally and I may be women of different generations, but the similarities in our philosophies about being homemakers, living simply and frugality are oh so similar.  She gently teases me for being a "funny old thing" who is just like her, which I take as the highest compliment.

Being a homemaker in the modern world

Recently I have had a lot of people ask me if I am going back to work now that Henry is about to enter full-time school.  It has been suggested to me by numerous people that "you will probably really enjoy going back to work".  I began to think it was something that I *should* be doing.

And Grant and I discussed it.  At length.  Very seriously.  

I even printed off the forms to renew my nurses' registration and filled them out.  I chased up certificates I lost in the flood that displaced us 8 years ago to put in my resume. 

But for whatever reason, I couldn't quite bring myself to send them in.  Even though I told people I would be returning to nursing, I procrastinated endlessly.

It turns out my heart just wasn't in it.

A bowl of local, freshly picked veggies.  Look at that colour!

weekend reads

The heat is scorching here at the moment.  Everything in the garden is getting burnt.  I send the boys out for a little bit in the morning, and again at night so they burn off some energy but our days are consisting heavily of board games, books and movies.  With the odd trip to the beach and runs through the sprinklers.  I do so love school holidays!  I have even learnt to play chess, which was a game I didn't have patience for growing up.  But this family of mine do love a good board game and we are discovering some beauties.  

I hope you are all managing to keep cool for those of you in Australia!  There is some good reads this week, and I have included a couple of books that I really love.  If your Australian and haven't yet, I highly recommend getting onto this free public library app Libby.  I think this might be the best app ever.  Endless free books at your fingertips! 

Ronnie and Henry, best mates!  This dog loves his boys.  

blog maintenance

I have been doing a little blog maintenance, so if you have come over the last couple of days and things have been changing or missing I apologize.  I think I have it up and running now, if you see any glitches or elements missing do let me know and I will en-devour to fix them!

Gus is so happy to be able to go to the beach now his cast is off, and swimming is the perfect activity to strengthen it.  

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