Spring time rituals

I rather like the idea of spring cleaning. Of taking everything out, giving it a good wash, hanging the rugs in the sun and beating them out. I would like to say I am working throughout little yurt top to bottom in a methodical, industrious and thorough manner but alas, that is not the case. I am working through it, but it's a snippet at a time. You might think that living in a small space would mean that it would be a quick job, but there are 6 people's belongings to sort through and some of our nooks and crannies are pretty full.

Though I did scrub Elsies cubby top to bottom and toss out the toys that were beyond it as some items had become mildewy and the dogs had traipsed mud through it. It's back to being a clean, healthy place for her to play again. If only the rest was so simple! 

Living in a tiny house seems like it would make cleaning easier, but in my experience, that’s not necessarily the case. Primarily because each area is heavily used and there is no space to spread out and work through things over a period of days. It means deep cleaning has to be tackled in small pockets. 

For example the other day I cleaned out the filing and the little art desk. That had to be juggled around a toddler playing at the table and children eating. I have had to learn to tackle one extra job at a time, on top of the usual household stuff. Something I know I can complete fully that day, taking into consideration interruptions. One day I got Grant to help me pull the window covers off so I could clean them inside and out thoroughly, another we tackled some mildew on the roof. A few days later I cleaned out my wardrobe, tossed old ripped items into the rag bin and bagged up good-quality things to donate. 

Once upon a time I would have been able to get all these things and more done in a day, but somehow, in the yurt things seem a little harder. I think because there is no way I can just close the door and focus on just the task at hand. The close, open nature of the yurt means my attention is never really able to be on one thing. My focus is constantly pulled elsewhere. To vacuum means to turn on the generator and switch the power over, to full a bucket with soapy hot water means to boil the kettle on the Aga or the gas stove. 

As I write this I have had to stop and make lunch, feed the cat, settle the baby who was woken by the dog and pull my boots on and run outside to help with Hagrid who got loose and was chasing a calf. (We have never managed to get him to bond well with cattle.)   

But just because it is a little more difficult, doesn't mean it can't be done. It just means things have to be broken up into bite size tasks. Over time those small tasks add up and before you know it the room has been deep cleaned and de-cluttered top to bottom. 

I have been more brutal this spring when it comes to tossing things out. The yurt is cluttered and it's driving me bonkers. We are also clearing out the storage space in the loft to turn into Angus’s room though Grant needs to find a day to work on the shelving. The boys need a little more room to play in peace without their LEGO creations being smashed by a cheeky toddler. 

But despite it being a slow process, and at at times frustrating. It is remains a deeply satisfying task. 

There is something instinctual that comes with the arrival of warmer days that pulls us to adapt with the seasons. To pull things out, let them air and free up space for the coming season. To know everything we grab in our wardrobes actually fits and is wearable. To clear away the cobwebs and dust that have built up over winter from the wood oven. To open the windows and let in the fresh, clean warm spring air. Being able to let the sheets and towels dry in sunshine outside, rather then above the wood oven.

It is worth the effort, even if sometimes it feels like We are chasing our tails. It leads to a calmer and more organised rhythm in our days over the coming season. 

Clearly, Rocket the adopted rescue cat is tuckered out by all the springtime activity! 

How are your spring time plans and activities going? 

Much love, 
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