Christmas gift plans.

With all the busyness of moving, Christmas is something which has barely got a look in yet!  There have been vauge wish lists by the boys mentioned.  Im pleased to see they are pretty simple so far.

We generally try to go for something to wear, something to read, something you want, something you need.

I thought I'd share how we do Christmas.  The boys each have a "Santa sack" in which the gifts from Santa are delivered.  

Santa in this house tends to give the small gifts, in the sack there might be a nice book or two, a small amount of good quality chocolate, Pj's, jocks, socks, a new tree decoration, some stickers, perhaps some fresh pencils or a small craft thing.

I think this year I will put together a nice letter writing kit with some nice writing paper, some envelopes, stamps, and a few card making supplies, with owning the local the post office, letter writing is a great thing to explore!

I like the boys to know that their big gifts come from us, that we work hard to give them something they have asked for.  I feel like it is a lesson in gratitude, rather then things coming to them from Santa who they don't really know, or see if you know what I mean?

So here is our thinking so far....

William: air hogs racer (what ever that is.)
Angus:  (Talking toy bird thing, bought on sale.  Hidden somewhere in house....I cant even find it thats how well its hidden)
Henry:  Kitty surprise (this child LOVES cats)

The toys this year are a little more commercial then we usually go for, but this is their wish list, and I think balance is important.  We are not purists with any one style of parenting or lifestyle.  We aim to live more simply and with Christmas that means conscious gift giving and avoiding excess.

All the boys need a swag for camping.  This will be a joint present from grandarents/great grandparents.

Im thinking famous 5 for William by Enid Blyton, I'm unsure about the other boys, will have to go on a book hunt!

Summer Pj's for each of them.

I have struggled this year with time to make the boys each a special gift as the last few months have been so busy.  But I still want to include a small handmade element, Is I focus there is still time.  Here is my plan for each of them.
William: Superhero cape and felt mask.
Angus: Yellow outfit for Jimmy his Waldorf doll. (favorite colour)
Henry: Superhero cape and mask for his Waldorf doll Bobby.

Along with the letter writing kits which I will put together in a nice kit for each of them, though they wont take long.   

Gifts I am going to give to the nephews and nieces are:
Nephew 1 - Friendly looking Joker style Waldorf doll., I have started him.  (I feel the need to call him a natural fiber doll....hahaha!  But he loves Jokers green hair and purple clothing and I'm happy to oblige.)
Neice 1 - Baby Waldorf doll and ringsling set to go with the doll I made for her last year/book

Neice 2 - Baby Waldorf doll and ringsling to go with the doll I made last year/book
Nephew 2 - Superhero cape and felt mask/book.

The other Grandparents are looking at buying each of the boys a nice wide brimmed hat from here to work around the Garden with Dad.  The Hat Store.

Much love,


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