Settling in.

It has been a week and a half or two weeks?  Since we moved into the old cottage.  It has been a busy time, but there are signs of us beginning to settle in.

There is so much work to do, and I struggle with the dust and the grime which is a natural by-product of renovating.  I worry about the boys asthma, and airways with it all.  We do try and keep it as clean and well ventilated as possible.  

I think renovating and old cottage is a romantic notion, but the realities of it are not so much, which we knew coming into it.  It is hard, time consuming dirty work.  But we knew this and I am trying to keep reminding myself that getting rid of $100,000 of debit was ALWAYS going to require work and sacrifice.   I'm confident it will be a lovely little cottage when it is done though.  

We have started on the front two rooms, which will be the lounge and our master bedroom once done, I always love the last stage of renovating.  The last 10% is the exciting part!

First the boys ripped up the old dusty carpet and layers of lino under it.  They then had to chip away the old damaged plaster, its a messy, dusty job.  Then Grant channeled in the lines for the new power points which will be fitted.  The plastering has been started and its just waiting for the top coat.  Then paint and flooring can be laid.  We are aiming for the front two rooms to be done by Christmas, Im holding out on putting up the tree till then!   

Its an amazing opportunity for the boys to work alongside Grant.  They happily come in and work for a bit and then wonder off and do their own thing.  William especially loves it.

Working together as a family is something we value so highly, there are so many important lessons to be learnt working side by side.  Conversations naturally occur, things get talked about, worries solved.     

I got to spend a few hours in the garden on the weekend, re-potting my herbs which were neglected in the last heat wave and fried, I popped a few things from the shade house into the garden round my clothes line, and bought a rose to plant in the dust bath the dogs are building near the back door, I only grabbed a little straw and manure as a start as I knew I would not have too much time, but it was enough to make a start.  The soil here is good soil, though lacking organic matter, moisture and love.

The cheeky dogs seem to have moved their snoozing quarters elsewhere so the prickly rose worked a treat!  I'm beginning to plan a garden in my mind, looking at the light at different times of the day, looking at what we already have in place, getting opinions from everyone who comes here who likes gardening.  Learning from others wisdom is always the best!

We have made a couple of bottles of lemon cordial from our home grown lemons, which is amazing, I also pulled up some tiny garlic which obviously did not do much!  Ha!  But it smells good and will be used none the less.  Im excited to have a few herbs up and going.  Once we have finished the 4 main rooms of the cottage we will get serious about setting up the garden and fixing the fences and so forth.  For now I'm limited with bringing in soil as Grant is constantly using the tailor, I don't want to hold him up.  So I will have to make do with the pots and the little beds around the house.  Coming into summer is not a great time to garden anyway.

Lemon cordial recipe: 
650gm white sugar
500mls fresh lemon juice
500mls water

Put in pot, bring to boil until sugar is dissolved, pour into sterilised bottles.  Keeps for about 3 months in the fridge.  

I have been pottering away on making the Waldorf dolls also needed for Christmas.  Its a relief to be making headway!

But anyway, I had best be off.  My washing machine just beeped at me ready to hang out the clean washing. There is always more to do and the sun is shining.  I need to sort Henry's cloth nappies and set up a system here for them as I have been using disposable and its time to get back into cloth.  I much prefer it.  There is also washing liquid to make as I ran out mid move.  Just general life to catch up on and I must say it feels lovely to potter about and I'm so incredibly blessed to do so.

Much love,

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