Pinery fires.....

What a horrific day.  Thank God we are safe.  

I don't even know how to articulate this but I'm going to try.  We are drained, running on empty.  

Yesterday a fire started from a hay stack spontaneously combusting in a town not far from us, called Pinery.  It then travelled at horrific speed accross the district with 80+km/hr winds.  

We checked the CFS updates constantly and it was predicted to miss our town, to travel a way in front of it.  

I don't know what happened, the wind changed, the weather was worse.  What ever.  But it hit us.  

Grant checked the reports and it seemed safe to drive to pick up the boys, but the fire became out of control and as he was driving, the fire surrounded him, jumping all over the place.  Thank God there was a water bomber that cleared the road enough for them to pass through.  The smoke was thick and black, there was debris in the air.  There was confusion and Grant was in a car accident.  The car is a mess but it kept him safe.  Fortunately he was ok, the car held out just long enough and he managed to get to safety while the fire front passed.  

At this same time the sky in Hamley grew pitch black, filled with rancid smoke, ash and embers.  I was utterly terrified.  I grabbed Henry, grabbed the dogs, loaded them into the little car and drove to the local oval which was a safe zone.  

The smoke had cleared by this stage quite a bit....

Fire burned in plain view, perhaps 50m away.  I was terrified it was not safe enough, terrified Grant was not safe.  My baby was with me and I could do nothing more to protect us.  

Phone reception was out, Internet was out.  We waited there for what felt like eternity, but I guess was a couple of hours.  

The fire past.  Houses near us were lost, lives were lost.  

Grant got a ride into town, we checked out our house.  It is intact, but filled with soot and ash.  Power is out, water is out.  We have a generator we can use, we will buy water and we are going back in tonight with family to begin the clean up.  

Thank god my Grant came home to us.  By the grace of God, and by our amazing emergency services he did.  Not everyone was so fortunate.  There are many houses lost, vehicles burnt on the side of the road, burning trees, injured animals.  It looks like a war zone. 

But we are safe, our community is rallying.  As only rural communities can.  Our friends and family are looking after us, the boys, supporting us, praying for us.  We are indeed blessed.  We are safe. 

Much love, 


  1. Dear Emma, I've just read all of your posts regarding the fires. Chilling stuff! Thank God you and your family survived but the trauma is something that people just don't really understand unless they have felt that sheer terror. You all made it through that horrific day and I wonder now how you are. Such resilience you have shown, held it all together for your boys. What a wonderful Mum, wife and person you are. I know the terror and I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Cheers and thanks for writing these amazing posts that chilled me to the bone and made me cry, all over again. A memorial service this weekend for one lovely lady who didn't make it through. Such sadness to bear.

    1. It is good to share with others that understand. I'm mostly ok. I still struggle with flashbacks to a degree, I try to pray them through. But life is returning to normal, my energy is slowly returning. Things are getting easier and not so overwhelming. Slow and steady it will pass.

      I'm still going gently, I'm aware with moving/renovating/fires/business stress that we are facing some big challenges. So we are chipping away, one day at a time. Trying to share the load, see the best of the days and focus on our family upmost. To be together, to talk, to share and do nice things. Even if it is just having a cuppa or watering the garden together or doing simple chores side by side. The togetherness helps no end.

      I hope the memorial service is a beautiful tribute to what I hear to be a lovely lady. I did not get the pleasure of meeting her but she was well liked and respected in the community. It is a very sad time. My prayers are with the family and those who loved her.


  2. I am so sorry you had to experience this disaster Emma. I am so glad that you and your family are safe and that your home is okay too.

    God definitely was watching over you all.



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