3 days in and 1 room down....

Since we moved in we have absoloutly come in and hit the ground running.  

The boys are settling in, so is Max the cat and the dogs are utterly loving having the whole family around outside ALL the time.  

The chooks have settled in too and our aracoona has started laying!  Cute little eggs. 

We found a stumpy lizard which was pretty cool. 

The boys had fun squashing some grubby dropped grapefruit!  I'm not sure why Angus is wearing his life jacket - he has been all weekend.  And a bike helmet and sunnies at times too.  Must have been some adventure I missed out on! 

And we got cracking on the very first room.  The "storage" room.  This room will be my sewing room once the house is complete, but for now it will act as a family bedroom.  We are expecting near 40C here this week so an air conditioned room is a saviour! 

Aircon $100 (gumtree)
Paint $150
Flooring $240
Misc hardware from the depths of Grants shed. 

Here are some photos of the process.  We still need to lay quad around the edge and seal along the front near the door.  But otherwise it's mostly done. 

So as is becoming my new habit I'm writing this on my phone while the boys drift off.  But now they are asleep I need to hop up and get tyding.  The place is chaotic!  I have spent so much time scrubbing/cleaning so far and have barely touched the sides! 

Much love, 

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