G'day all,  Today is moving day!!  I may just be a little bit in love with the little old cottage and cannot wait to call her home....well at least her yard home while we camp there in the old caravan while we renovate her. 

Is it strange I refer to the old cottage as a "her"??  I feel she has the character of a little old lady, I may be a bit odd - but I'm OK with that.  HA!

I'm spectacularly excited and equally disorganized about the whole thing!  Its ok my Mum is coming to the rescue who is an organizing machine.  Though not as young as she once was I can be the muscle and she can be the brains.  I'm quite sure with a flick of her wrist and a couple of hours of hard work together, she will have an efficient system in place for us all to work towards!  We have some friends coming today also to help which is great.  :)

Today we are allowed to start to store things in the sheds, so from this weekend until Thursday we will essentially be camping in the house with only what we can load up into the caravan - except the fridge and washing machine, they will stay a little longer.  So mattresses on the floor it is, a few books, 1 bag of clothes each, a couple of pots and very basic pantry supplies, a couple of favorite toys.

Getting everything ready the boys will need for their first night.  Fresh linen, pj's, a full change of clothes so there is no searching for essential bits and pieces after a long day.  Their teddies, books and precious things will be popped in their bags and so forth.

I'm mighty grateful for hot chooks and a simple homemade salad at the moment!! 

I spent a couple of hours in the shop the last couple of days, cleaning it, stocking and getting it ready for an oncoming week of neglect while we focus our energy on moving.  Fortunately we have lovely staff that can hold the fort.  Mum and Dad have not seen the shop for years so we are excited to show them through so they can see the changes we have been making and for grant to make them a coffee with the new machine.  As we are not allowed into the house yet, it will be a resting place after unloading into the sheds. 

Anyway I have a plastics cupboard to deal with, take care and hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

Much love,

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