A few days later...

Well it has been a hectic few days, running on adrenaline, coffee and the well wishes of friends and family.

Day 3 post fire and today we are knackered. 

But, we have been raised up, looked after, supported and assisted by friends and family.  We are lucky, and have been increadably humbled and blessed.

Our friends and family have helped us look after the boys, clean the shop, clean the house and work through the mountain of ash covered clothing.  Life will start to return to normal now for our family. Sadly not for many around us.  

The stories if the community are being told, they are devastating, and heartbreaking.  Stories of homes lost, mates lost, days spent shooting hundreds and thousands of livestock, animals, beloved animals that people tried but couldn't save.  It was just so fast.  

William is struggling to process all he saw and heard.  He had a huge melt down today, just screaming saying how angry he was, thrashing about.  I get it little buddy, I get it.  Once he calmed down we hugged and talked and hugged some more and he lay quietly resting in my arms.  Angus and Henry are ok.  Tired, but ok.  It will pass.  Love heals.  Gods got him, Gods got us. 

Much love, 

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