Exploring the old cottage.....

We are slowly moving our lives to the little old cottage.  As we do we get an opportunity to explore, and sit in her quiet.  Gosh it is peaceful here.

We have no radio or tv here yet.  The old door hinges squeak and the old wooden doors bang shut cheerfully as the boys run in and out.  

It's been interesting to spend time in the garden exploring. My goodness my heart filled with peace, as I stood under the hot sun and smelled the fresh lemons as I picked my very first batch.  A simple, ordinary but special moment. 

There are beautiful holly hocks about in full show. 

Busy bees.  I'm excited about exploring beekeeping in the future.  

Aggies about to burst into full bloom.

Grapes growing....

Tiny oranges

Raspberries I think? 

An old nectarine I think - despite the fact it has clearly done through some difficult times, it's a tenacious thing and has plenty of fruit on it despite having no middle. 

I cannot wait to pull off this timber and see what the fireplace is like behind. 

The old laundry trough will double as a bath for little Henry.  This room smells like my grandmothers old laundry.  Comforting and familiar.  This old trough will be staying - what a workhorse! 

We picked up this old wardrobe from hard rubbish, and a little solid set of draws which will come in handy.  There is no storage in this place anywhere.  The old owners gifted us various wardrobes also and an old timberframed chair I will recover for my sewing room.  

I cannot wait to fire up this old stove! Once her chimney has been cleared mind you.  

So we are still moving, and slowly getting there.  It is an exciting, tiring time, wonderful, challenging time for our family of 5.  

Much love, 

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