Louie's little dolls donation to fires.

This is a direct copy and paste from my Waldorf doll making Facebook page.  


Every doll in my Etsy shop has been donated to kids affected by the #Pineryfires in South Australia.

For those that know me we live in a rural town called Hamley bridge.  Part of a large area in the mid north that was horrifically affected by some of the worst bush fires ever seen in the area on Wednesday.

There has been two people tragically killed, more injured, at least 90 homes lost, thousands of acres burnt, (approx 260km perimeter) stock killed....it's been awful beyond comprehension.  

My family is safe, my home was ashy, soot filled but completely intact.  My husband is with us after a very close call, though his car is a write off.  We are so incredibly lucky considering the horror circumstances.  

Our community has rallied, cleaned, vacuumed, baked and raised us up like the legends they are, time to pass it forward. 

So the dolls in my shop have been donated to little ones who need a smile among the soot and sadness.  

If you are able to donate I'll include a link to this post.  


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