Setting up camp.

Wow what a huge couple of days....

Just a short post to show our first night in the old cottage.  I'm laying with Henry while he drifts off, trying not to fall asleep as there is some stuff I need to do tonight.  Working without the boys underfoot is faster and far more relaxing! 

Getting the van in was a squeeze, a small  almond tree had to go but there are stacks of bigger ones.  We will set up a more permanent camp over the weekend.  Sooo many jobs....

Quick and easy dinner beef, bean and noodle stirfry.  

Our first night in the van.  The big boys are on the mattress at the back, which converts to a king single bed and is the dining table and chairs usually.

Anyway I think little Henry has drifted off, time for me to creep out, pour a large glass of wine and get cracking. 

Sweet dreams all, 
Much love, 

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