on being creative....

I got a lovely comment on my facebook page yesterday from someone who wrote....

"Your dolls are truly beautiful Emma. I dream of being this creative!"

I just wanted to say YOU CAN BE!  Seriously you can. 

I'm not particularly naturally talented when it comes to sewing.  I struggle to think around corners and in 3D and how to imagine various seams will sit when piecing things together.  I often have to sit for quite a while and look at a pattern to really work it out. 

I remember the first time I laid my eyes on a Waldorf doll.  It was a photo online and I just fell in love.  I loved the craftsmanship, the natural fibres, the simplicity and the kind of play it was designed to encourage.  My interest grew from there.  I HAD to have one for my boys and so I eventually bought a kit, then bought books, patterns, DVD's, I YouTubed for hours and researched so much about these dolls. 

And then I practiced.  I failed, I tried again, I cussed a little, felt defeated at times that the product in my hand didn't match up to the picture in my mind.  But I persisted because of the love that was sparked in my mind and heart.  I'm particularly proud of my dolls necks.  I have improved so much, they are sturdy and smooth and this is an area I feel is essential to a well made Waldorf doll, and something I struggled with at first.  But with repetition, experimentation I have found my own technique which I'm really pleased with.   

I think mostly being creative comes down to persistence and repetition.  We can all have colourful and amazing ideas - but it takes persistence, repetition and love of the process for us to truly become good at our craft.  In all honestly I'm only about 1/3 of where I would like to be.  I dream of being able to produce dolls worthy of this standard......Dollectable.  These Dolls are collector dolls and simply amazing.  My dolls are nice, strong and sturdy but they are really a child's doll.  A doll made for cuddling, telling secrets to and going on adventures with.  I love making these dolls, but one day I dream of making something TRULY amazing! 

I have recently been branching out in my sewing to making my own clothes.  This is in the aim to help my dressmaking finishes.  To make a collector worthy doll I need to be using all my own clothing patterns, and they need to be finished to an excellent standard.  All these things are all building a strong foundation of skills.  And I love having unique clothing to wear! 

This was my latest project, the pattern was from Simplicity.  A dress made from cotton/linen.  Very airy and simple with big practical pockets.  I was experimenting with Bias tape, I have never really used it but I must say it is a little bit of love. 

So my point is, if you have a dream, do work on it, chip away at it and slowly persist, because realistically what do we have to loose?  Nothing, even if it doesn't quite go to plan, it's a wonderful path to be on with so much pleasure to gain! 

Much love, 

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