getting organized!

With the house on the market, de-cluttering is heavily on my mind.  The more I do it the better I get.  Also organization to help make this process as easy as possible. (which Im not sure is actually possible?!)

Poor little Gussy has to have his adenoids and tonsils out and get grommets in a couple of weeks time. (great timing hey?...) So I am busy making bone broth to freeze to help him heal after his surgery.  Henry has a sore throat so only two of the three batches made it to the freezer, one was used to make chicken soup for dinner tonight.  

One of our favorite meals here is make-your-own cold roll night.  Roast a chook (or what ever meat.) thinly cut veggies, vermicelli noodle, rice paper and soy and sweet chilli dipping sauce and its a cheap fun meal!  :)

In my general de-cluttering mission I tackled my wardrobe today.  I pulled out all that I owned and threw it on my bed. I read recently about a Japanese method HERE  where you hold each item in your hand, and thank it, and ask several questions of it...It kinda sounded weird to me, but actually it was really helpful.  I want my house, my cupboard to reflect the things I love, the life we are trying to lead.  And my goodness.  I got two large garbage bags to donate, another small one of bits and pieces to throw away.  There is now space in there, and its filled with the clothes I love, that fit and that I wear.  

Much love,

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