Dreams, plans and an "oops!"

There are two kinds of people in this world I think.  Those that dream and then meticulously plan it out, add up the pros and cons, research and then wisely commit knowing full well what they are getting into.  Then there are those that dream, have a yarn or two figure "she'll be right!" and then leap head first, sink a bit, thrash about and then somehow find their way to calmer waters.  Yep, it seems we are the latter.

It appears we have sold this house and we have bought a run down, 4 room, 100yr old cottage, on a massive block and that we are moving in about two weeks.  (packing party anyone?!)

We were intending to buy the place in cash, then get a $60,000 line of credit style loan in which we would use to renovate and knock off a small high interest loan we have.  Of course it didn't occur to us to actually double check this was the best way to arrange it.  We organized the sale presuming the banks would still do this as we have used it in the past for renovating projects.....yep.....nope....apparently they dont offer it any more as they deem it too high a risk, first "oh crap" moment right there people!!  Forward planning, always a good move.   

What they will however do is give us $60,000 towards the building, allow us to use our own money for the rest and for the renos.  All good, problem solved right?  A simple task of collecting a mountain of paperwork and faxing it of and bobs your uncle.  BUT......It appears we have lost 3 rather important peices of paper.  No biggie, we can order copies from the tax department.....except it takes 28 days for them to process it.....I did mention we need to be out of here in two weeks right?

So.....best case scenario the banks will be satisfied with the mountain of paperwork we have provided them, seeing as we are actually reducing debit by $100,000 and all will be fine.  The worst case scenario is we buy the cottage in cash, and then deal with the reno budget as we can scrape money together.....Dear Lord please let it be the first option....

Did I mention we will be living in the little old caravan while Grant and I gut the cottage, treat the salt damp, plaster, lay flooring and you know - make it clean and livable?  In the middle of a south Australian summer (think 40C), over Christmas, with three small boys, two dogs and a cat?  Whats life without a few hair brained ideas and a couple of adventures right?!

So, like any wise, organized and sensible homemaker I am of course in total denial about the entire situation and am continuing my sewing-fest.  I'm 3/4 the way through a lovely linen summer dress, I don't have any current pics but here is some of it at the beginning. 

The boys and I have been enjoying baking, reading and this amazing spring weather we are having of course lends its self to loads of time outside and plenty of water play.

This is some scripture I love and am slowly and prayerfully trying to remember in my daily life and forever trying to work towards as I can be a little hot headed and feisty!  So far I managed to not loose my cool at Grant for mis-placing the paperwork.... Ha!

Much love,


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