Under contract!

Life has been getting back to normal here, the house is now under contract which means we can relax and not worry about walk throughs.  Well until we start packing that is.  Assuming all goes well we will be moving in as little as 4 weeks.  We are not sure exactly where yet, we are working on that, Ill be sure to keep you updated.   I'm totally in denial and trying not to think about it all.  Instead I have immersed myself in sewing which is of course a completely practical thing to do, no?  But it did result in me making this sweet little superhero.  Her name is Scarlett, and I think I may be a just a little bit in love with her!

She is listed HERE for sale.  Christmas anyone?

Is it a bird?! Is it a plane?!  No its SUPER SCARLETT!!

This is more what my house usually looks like, in case you were thrown by the inspection photos.... Ha!!

Sewing is a completely practical and logical option when faced with a tower of a "to do" list, no?  4 weeks is a wonderfully long time to pack up our entire lives yes?...So I'm just going to be here....doing this...BAHAHAHA!  I may be in denial, but when I know where we are actually moving I'm sure I will find my packing mojo.....maybe.....

Much love, 

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