I think we bought a house!

I think we bought a house!  Its not much of a house mind you, its a run down 100+ year old 4 room stone cottage with a timber frame extension which basically needs ripping down and re-doing.  But she has captured hour hearts and we have agreed on a price.  The formal paperwork is yet to come, so I'm hesitant to say she is ours quite yet, as these things are never really done until they are totally done.

Im sure there is some rule about blogging to only talk about the things that are concrete but meh, this is a diary of our lives in all its messiness and the beauty that exists within that!  

This little old cottage is on a HUGE block, FILLED with fully grown fruit trees, berry canes, vines, nuts.  (I'm going to need to invest with a dehydrator!) There is still room for a mulberry tree mind you, down the back.  I'm going to buy one for Grant I think and surprise him, he has great memories picking mulberries as a child and they are his all time favorite fruit.  there is an amazing big old pepper tree, perfect for climbing!

The old girl needs ALOT of work, from a silicon based damp course which needs to be drilled/injected into the walls, to stripping back to the stone and re-doing the lime plaster on the affected walls, the timber frame extension needs re-doing out the back, the bathroom, kitchen, flooring, painting, a big combustion wood fire needs to be put in, air con, wiring and more no doubt. 

All on a shoe string budget!

But this is what Grant and I are good at.  We are good at sourcing amazing things for next to nothing.  Gumtree is our best friend, so are recycling yards.  People so often buy things that are the wrong fit, or have excess left over after a big build, or simply change their minds which they then sell on at a fraction of the cost.  We love seeing our vision come to life, and Grant in particular thrives on this kind of work.

It will be a matter of careful planning, sourcing quality second hand the windows/doors, thinking outside the square and then designing the building around that, and patience.   

And this place it a PALACE compared to the 150yr old house we were doing up a few years ago (which we left after a major flood, read about it HERE if your interested.)

So we are excited.  Whats life without a few adventures right?! 

Most importantly this move will allow us to get rid of a bunch of debit, it will mean we are closer to the shop which will mean we are part of the local community, and also that we will get to spend more time together as a family.  These are the things we value in our lives, so the decisions we make are to put these values at the top of our list. 

HERE is the listing, though it will not stay available for ever so I have saved some of their photos and will pop them on here for future reference. 

Here are some photos I saved directly from the real estate page...

 Anyway, I do think its time for another cuppa tea and to get stuck into some housework around here.  We have friends visiting this afternoon so a good excuse to potter about and get some things done.  :)

Much love,

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  1. I love the house, it has so much potential. I have renovated my house the same way; I painted my garage and porch with five dollar a gallon exterior paint that the major home improvement stores mixed for customers who never picked them up. Also, I admire your lifestyle; it's good to see people with real family values.


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