Sometimes the wisdom of my children completely amazes me.

Our buyers pulled out at the last minute, much to everyone's surprise.  Goes to show its not over till its over, and clearly, it wasn't quite over.

This little house had termites in one corner years ago - before we moved in.  About 90% of the houses in this area have had termites at one stage or another.  Its common and if caught early, easily treated.  There was a full treatment, bait stations were installed for further maintenance by the previous owners and there has been no further activity since we have been here.  Their building inspection was extremely thorough and naturally showed this up.  (You would hope it would!)  The builders inspected every square inch of the place, deemed it safe, and were not concerned by the old damage, there was no evidence of recent damage and deemed the house to be structurally sound, safe and solid.  They put forward this recommendation but the older lady panicked and someone (not a builder) gave her the advice not to buy a house that has ever been touched by white ants.  Goodness knows why, as long as you understand the full history and the current condition of the home there is nothing to get upset about.

So yesterday was a long, stressful and disappointing day in the end.

This morning was the silver lining.  I was tired after a restless night and as I lay in bed, I listened to my beautiful old soul William encourage the little boys to help tidy the kitchen.  Instructing them gently and kindly on how to unpack the dishwasher, dry the dishes and together they packed them away.  He carefully made sure they didn't touch any of the knives, and then together they tidied their room and Will helped Angus find his clothes for the day.  He soothed Henry when he bumped himself and as I lay in bed and listened to all this my mothers heart grew and grew.

When I got up I gave him a huge hug and chatted to him about how the sale fell though.  And in all his wisdom he replied "I know".  We chatted about how it meant we had to get the house really tidy again ready for inspections, and that we can pray for the house to sell and that God was still looking after us, even though it felt sad and disappointing.  He took it upon himself to then go out and tidy the lounge.

We have another four people (maybe more) looking through on Friday.  There is lots of interest.  Who knows what will be?

Goodness I am so very blessed.  Despite a disappointing day.  So today we are going gently and quietly.  Focusing on all we do have and that God's got this.      

Much love, 

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