Lazy winter days!

Gah....It seems I had a major technology fail and managed to accidentally delete my last post where I was pondering on rushing.....Of course it is not backed up, so you will just have to trust me that it was good!  Ha!  ;)

I have been madly busy this week with workshops, church meetings, family visiting and friends for dinner last night and tonight.  So I don't have much time to write but instead thought I would share a few photos.  I love photos!  Here are a few moments from our week...

Henry and I did some pretty groovy dancing while listening to Pete Murray in the kitchen amongst the dishes and daily mess of family life.  It's so important to turn a blind eye and enjoy the little moments.  We spent the morning alternating between dancing and housework!

There was fire gazing on a cold morning....

Wool felt animals to play with and learn about....

And forts to build! 

And a short verse from my reading of scripture this week that really resonated with me....

Much love! 

A few articles I read this week....

I think its always interesting to read how other cultures approach parenting.  Here is a link to a danish perspective, I enjoyed flicking through this site.  
Danish parenting..

Oh how I dream of a little shed like this for myself in my veggie patch! 
a lovely garden shed!

Oh how I would love to do this in my house!  Though I need to be aware there are others who live here, not just me!  ;) 

A church grown from trees, just breathtakingly beautiful!
living church

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