Phase 1

A week or two I wrote about how we are going to up the level of self sufficiency on our home block.  So we have been busy making a start. 

Here are some pretty non-impressive photos but in the aim of keeping things real and honest I'm going to share anyway!

Grant took great joy in cutting down this tree.  He is terribly allergic to the huge yellow blossoms it puts out in spring time.  He has been looking for an excuse to cut it down for years, so he is quite chuffed the veggie patch project meant I finally allowed him to take a chainsaw to it. 

Here is a new fence to divide the dogs off from the patch.  The area feels so much lighter and brighter now that tree is gone and most importantly it will let in the sun.  We still need to hang the gate. 

Most excitingly we have started our collection of new chooks!  The old girls went to chook heaven......which the boys watched and coped with extremely well!  As a mother I had to turn my back and trust Grant knew what he was doing in letting them watch.  They were curious and not at all phased by the process which was done cleanly and quickly. 

After giving the yard a good clean out, bringing in fresh straw for the shed, we now have 7 new hens.  Well we hope they are hens!   We got two Isa brown pullets so we have eggs in the near future. 

They are about 10 weeks old we think this is a Sussex cross

There are some Aracoona crosses.  These chooks were going cheap as they were meant to be pure breads but a cheeky rooster changed the breeders plans.  ;)

The garden is a bit of a mess at the moment but there is still beauty to be found.  As winter winds down to an end and the days grow longer there are a few flowers just beginning to show their pretty faces.  My favorite is my flowering plum, one of my very favorite small trees! 

Geraniums are always a good show and hardy in our hot climate!  And easy to propagate too.  They are generous with their flowers and very forgiving of the times I neglect our garden.  A necessity in this place!  

So we are well into phase one.  There are beds to finish putting in place, soil to fill them in and plenty of grass to kill.  Hopefully we will get some of that done on the weekend. 

Much love!


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