So in the aim of getting this place ship shape ready to sell we have been decluttering, gardening and sorting stuff out to try and make this place feel as tidy and spacious as we can for the house valuation on Wednesday.  It's a tough market here, so we need to weigh up the cost of doing things vs the value they will add.

Our front garden has always been a hot zone.  We have dug up a patch of gravel and transplanted cores of grass to help green it up, pretty it up and to cool it down a bit.  

The chook yard is secure.  

And after a long and dreary winter the cottage garden is beginning to come to life.  Sour sobs are thriving, I need to get in there again and pull them out, a never ending job.

I'm infusing some camomile into some olive oil to make my next batch of soap.  Camomile, lavender and oatmeal for soothing, relaxing baths!  I hope it makes my little men sleepy, and also soothing for their never ending bumps, scratches and so forth.  I have a young friend coming around so I can teach her.  I'm no expert but soap making is such a beautiful thing to do, will be great fun!  It's a pleasure to encourage her in her homemaking.  To support her in her choice to be at home if that's what she wants.  That's the thing I love about our generation.  We can choose career, study  and the like and we can choose to stay at home, if money allows of course.  It is challenging for our budget for me to be at home.  But we make it work.   

Anyway the sun is shining, my favourite music is blaring and the housework is beckoning!  

Much love, 

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