Looking forward.

Grant and I have been in the "waiting place" with the sale of our shop for the best part of two years now.

We have decided once and for all, if it was God's plan for us to sell it would have happened.  It is not a viable or desirable way to run a business "on hold".  A business like ours needs to continue to develop, to evolve and grow.  With this waiting we have been hesitant to spend money on it, as it would be a waste of our resources to invest and build something we would never get to benefit from.  

So with a heavy heart I rang the real estate fellow, and informed him at the close of the next weeks business week, it will be officially taken off the market and we will commit to another 5 years to building it, growing it.  Unless a miracle occurs next week of course! 

We have decided as a family not to buy small acreage at this point, as it is time, money and energy we will need to invest into the business.  We will instead, finish renovating this house and move closer to our shop, so we can spend as much time together as a family.  We will keep veggies and chooks still, and continue to develop Grants bugs business.  We hope to go deeper into our simple living journey, and that being further away from a large town will facilitate a slower, more intentional lifestyle.  We have been weighing up the pros and cons of staying vs moving in this decision.  And have tossed and turned throughout the various options as will show in the last few weeks of my blog!  But I want this blog to be a real account of how we live our lives.  An honest account, and some decisions are difficult to make, and that's OK.  This too-ing and fro-ing shows we plan things, think things through.  That we weigh them up and also that we embrace change. 

The boys will be able to walk down and spend time with Grant, we will be able to buy a house with a little more room to spread out in, and maybe even grow in for the same amount of mortgage we have where we are.  It is a country town, it is wider there, quieter there.  More our pace, it is simpler in many ways.  We will be living and working in the town, which feels right.  The boys will remain in the same school as it is only 20 minutes out of town.  A christian education is important to us and we really love the school they are in.     

We are going to enjoy going away in our little old van, taking the boys camping in cheap/free camping grounds.  We are a family that loves to be together.  So this is our focus going forward.

Much love,

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