Oh dear...

Some days are a little rough.  Yesterday was one of them.  Little Henry was playing in the chook yard with his favorite "baby dook, dook"  and our boarder collie jumped over the fence and killed the little chicken and one of the big ones. 

Ill spare you all the details but it was most upsetting for little Henry to witness in the way he did.  It gave him such a fright and spent a few hours just crying for his "baby dook, dook".  I was heartbroken and so upset for little Henry to go through that.   

The dogs have never bothered the chickens before, perhaps it is because they are new?  Our boarder collie is very protective over our children.  They boys never played much with the old chooks, they were not that friendly.  Weather they fact the boys are now playing with these chickens is upsetting Ronnie?  Whatever the trigger he will now be tied up at the house while the boys go in the yard.

We nipped out and bought 3 new little chooks to soften the blow and to end the day on a sweeter note.  Little Henry bounced back quite well by the end of the day.  Raising tiny chicks is something we have talked about doing with our boys.  It is a simple thing we can do on our sized block. 

The boys were very happy with our new chickens. 

Much love!

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