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I came to the conclusion the lack of motivation and energy I have have had over the last few weeks was my body needing a rest.  I think with Angus starting  Kindy it was the end of a parenting chapter of him being a "toddler" and entering "pre-schooler" and it has been an amazing and all consuming few years of parenting!  Thankfully Henry has recovered well.

It has been hot here, and the weekend is going to be another scorcher.  Considering it has been such a mild summer I cant complain but I am feeling a little sorry for my garden and itching to get into it.  I'm ready for Autumn.

When Grant was driving William home from guitar lessons he did a little detour through the surrounding farm land, as we often do.  He discovered council had graded one of the roads that day and in the process had heavily pruned the gums that were over hanging the road and left the firewood.  He came home, grabbed the tailor and we all quickly bundled into the car.  A few locals had noticed it too and when we got there they were loading up their trailers.  It would have been all gone by that night, you gotta be quick!  We got a full tailor of wood which is worth about $250, so that's an awesome find to help fuel the wood fire.  We will let it dry over winter and hopefully it will be ok by the end of the season.  Usually we let it dry for a year.

There was the usual baking, house work and family life things this week.  I caught up with some good friends who I have not seen properly for a few weeks which was the highlight of my week!

A chocolate cake to share with friends over a cuppa!  It had a couple of "brown" corners but real friends don't judge! (well that's what I tell myself anyway!!  Besides icing hides a multitudinous of sins ;)

One of my very closest friends came to do a bit of sewing, she is a beginner sewer and wants to make her kids library bags and cushions for their rooms which is lovely.  So she came and we pottered about cutting/sewing over a cuppa.  She asked me to make her son a Waldorf doll a while back but I have convinced her we will do it together and I will teach her how to make it and help her along the way!  I have another friend who wants to learn as well so it will be fun to share my skills in this way.  I am really looking forward to it.  I also finished a custom cuddle doll and have sent her to her new home too which I always love.  I hope her new little owner lover her!  <3  

One of the things I love about being a "homemaker" is the ability to have an open house.  I love being able to invite people over, that living this life gives me the time to listen and stop my day to be fully present with people.  I find it interesting sometimes some of the people God brings into my life.  Often people come and open up about their hurts, their life.  I'm so humbled that they choose to talk to me.  That for what ever reason they choose to trust me and lower their wall.  I have some deep and serious conversations at the kitchen table over a cuppa and an open biscuit tin and I am so blessed in this life to be able to share my time with others.  I feel like so much of whats truly important in life is discussed in the kitchen, over a cuppa.  I often think to myself the "village" that we are meant to have around us has disintegrated in this fast moving, modern world.  There are so many people struggling, who just need a bit of love, support and someone to listen.  Which takes time.  You cannot buy it.  You know they old saying a "burden shared is a burden halved."  I think there is truth in that.  There is a lot of power in giving people the gift of time.  This is something I have come to understand at a deeper level in my simple living journey.

Anyway we as a family have to nip out and visit family, and hopefully have a swim in their pool!  so I will have to cut this post short as grant is giving me the "hurry up" look!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and manage to keep cool.



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