catching up...

I managed to catch up to a degree this week - the thing with house work and small children is that your never really "caught up".  there is always work to do but there was a brief period last week where things were looking pretty organized.  But I do feel like I got my thoughts a little more organized at least!  

We have had an ongoing problem with lego here for the last few weeks.  The boys had their lego on a big fitted sheet and it was forever being spilled over the edge.  Grant made this tray that slides under the bed and it is the perfect solution!  

I have had a chance to do a little sewing at night time which has been lovely.  I made the boys some new library bags.  William is excited to be able to start reading short novels this year and Angus can borrow from Kindy and our church has a little library.  

This is Wills library bag, he loves maps and the like....

And this is Gussy's.  The flying theme continues...

One of our friends at church has recently had a sweet baby girl and I had not give her a gift yet so I finished this doll for her.  She a sweet cuddle Waldorf doll made from all hand dyed cotton, stuffed with pure, clean wool and her little beanie is crocheted from hand spun wool by a beautiful friend which she gifted me.  

Today will be a day of getting on top of some washing, and some garden upkeep for an hour or two.  I need to do a rough menu plan for the week as we have got fresh veggies from the market this morning, and I have come chicken carcasses to make into broth too.  This afternoon Grant wants to nip to the hardware store and buy some replacement gutter and then church tonight.   

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!



  1. Well it looks like you are on top of things now. It is always a bit of a surprise to me when I stop and count all the things I have actually got done in a day or a week. I think we are usually a lot more productive in our homes than we give ourselves credit for. That leggo storage was a good idea. Your doll is beautiful, what a lovely gift.

    1. Thank you, I love making Waldorf dolls and I'm so pleased with the lego storage! Lego always worries me with little ones around and now it can be quickly contained. :)

      Your right I do think we possibly achieve more then we think we do! I think because it is never ending and continuous it can be hard to assess.



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