Sick children and winter sniffles and dolls!

My week this week has consisted with a lot of this....

We are house bound.  Henry has been unwell.  He got swabbed for whooping cough but it's a bad virus and tonsillitis.  He is on the mend now, but still chesty, on antibiotics for his throat and needs to be kept warm.  Much to his disgust!  

The boys are doing well after the passing of their dear old dog, and we are home.  Today is going to be a TV free day I think.  I used to do a lot of TV free days but have slacked off recently.  Time to get back on that band wagon I think! 

They are bickering and irritable.  A sure sign they need to be challenged and need some directed play, perhaps some school work to focus and extra jobs.  ;) 

There is broth to put on, nappies to wash and some sewing to do today.  I might make the boys some sweet camomile tea to see if it helps wind them down today.  

I have been working on a couple of new dolls.  One is nearly done, I just need to whip up the last of his clothing today.  He is for a little fellow who has his name all ready to go and is waiting in anticipation.  

I taught myself a new technique to add more shape and definition to my dolls heads which I'm really excited about!  It includes needle felting as well as the traditional head forming method I usually do and I think I may be a bit in love.  I cannot wait to get the tricott on and embroider her face.  

Happy days!  Have a lovely day.  :) 


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