I was reading online this week about a Mama who felt inadequate after reading blogs and and so forth.  She felt disappointed in all she achieved, and she was doing just beautifully!  The beautiful professional pictures, the inspirational lists of achievements.  It made her doubt herself.  But we forget that some blogs are not an online diary, they are in fact a deliberately created image, a source of income.  Just as magazines are airbrushed, there is a similar style of marketing that exists the "simple living" world.  We forget sometimes I think.  I know I have. 

Online can get a bit like that I think.  That's why I try to make my space real. I'm blogging to truly record our life to look back on, to show our boys our family story one day. 

Sometimes reality in family life is messy, it is unglamorous!  So here are a couple of pictures from this week that made me chuckle and sigh at the same time.

The boys asked for noodles for lunch, so I cooked up some vermecelli noodles with some veggie sticks on the side - they were clearly a hit!

Its midday here, my boys are still in their PJ's, there is the telltale empty coffee cup and the high chair try is neglected from breakfast.  Clearly I had the intention to clean it up but I must have gotten distracted.  Such is a mothers life.  Angus has cream in his hair as I was softening the cradle cap on his head to comb out.  I was tired, there is mess, but there is laughter and joy. 

My life will never be shown in a glossy magazine, it will never be moment or picture perfect.  But it is mine, and through the tiredness, the challenges I love it.  I love them, more then I have the words to express.
Tessa the Lab loves to help clean up!  She is equally delighted in the boys mess as they are.  They make a great team.  Although i do think more food gets dropped on the floor when she is about, I think it makes an interesting distraction at meal times for the little ones. 

She saves me picking up all the big bits, then I simply have to wipe over the floor.  Everyone is happy!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.



  1. Your blog is real and honest and just lovely. I found your blog through Rhonda at Down to Earth, another wonderful blog. I love checking in here to see how things are with you and yours, kind of like checking in with a young neighbor. This is one of the really nice things about the internet. I can have someone in far off Australia as a neighbor!

  2. Naw, thankyou Candace. Rhonda's blog is beautiful, I love it too. :)

    What a lovely analogy, I understand what you mean! The internet does close the divide doesnt it, it allows us to see into so many peoples lives we would otherwise never know. Amazing really.

    Thank you so much for reading, and caring, it means so much. :)


  3. Spot on! I agree. I often get comments from readers about setting my pictures up better....pffft - who cares if one of my chairs has a slat missing and the polish on the table is uneven or the dishes are drip drying on the background. Realistic is inspiring.

    1. I totally agree, There are many people only willing to put their very best foot forward. I am deliberately making a stand to be open, honest and real. However small a stand that may be it is something I try to do in all elements of my life and my faith.

      I'm not here to try to be inspiring, or to prove a point! Life is real, it is beautiful in all its imperfections.

      This is a journal of my life, sometimes boring no doubt but something I hope my boys will enjoy reading once they are older. It is OUR story and I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way. :)



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