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This week has been a quiet week at home.  I have been chronically run down and fighting illness and have forced myself to have a week at home, while I'm on antibiotics.  Resting and sleeping where we can.  It is so important to say "no" every now and again to the world.  There is a "suck it up" attitude in our culture and it is so unhealthy.  I swear it leads to chronic long term illness.  I should have done this week after the long weekend when I first became unwell.  I SHOULD have really stopped until I felt fully well, but instead I took minimal time off and got on with it.  I have been struggling with fatigue since then.

I have to remind myself I AM NOT THAT IMPORTANT!!!  The world will continue to rotate if I pull back. People WILL find work out a way to work in the groups I volunteer in if I take a few days off.  And also that I am worthy of rest.  "No" is such a valuable word, and one I am learning how to use as I get older.   

As usual I am only just getting into the swing of school holidays and they are sadly nearing an end.  These lazy, unstructured days are good for all our souls!

It is looking highly possible that the business people who are looking at our shop may put an offer on next week.  Our old real estate agent is a lovely fellow.  But he does everything by snail mail, no email, no smart phones.  He is an old school man of his generation.  It is charming but slow!  It means each side of paperwork takes a day or two extra from every angle.  But he is good, and we very much like his old fashioned approach.  So we are still waiting, weather we get an offer in the region of the price we need is yet to be seen.  At times it feels our dream farm is tantalisingly close, but still just out of reach.

The little boys and I spent sometime inside near the fire playing with puzzles, it was lovely to watch Angus encouraging little Henry,  gosh those guys can be so deliciously cute and sweet to each other!

So this week I thought I would link you to a few things that have been topic of conversation in our house this week.  I hope you have a lovely weekend!


This is a link from Grant - we have been dreaming about farming a a lot this week and how we would farm on a smaller acreage.  
You tube clip of a chook tractor farm

The fellow who makes the Chook tractors, great technology.
about the chook trailors

This link is not for sensitive stomachs.....but it kinda links in with my desire to cloth nappy and the environmental impacts of wet wipes.
modern day crisis in our sewers....

I love stories like these!  Grant linked me to this story earlier in the week suggesting we take on this life.....?!
self sustainable living - an interesting woman's story.

An Australian lady who sells excellent Waldorf doll kits, her instructions are fantastic and I often use a pattern or two of hers depending on the doll I'm making.  
Sarah Dolls

This is a link with some great, free online tips to help form a Waldorf doll.  She also sells full kits but check the postage to Australia and this is a group of Canadian woman.  
Bamboletta waldorf tutorial

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  1. The chook trailers were fascinating. Pretty sure could do this a little cheaper maybe - but the idea is great!


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