Bush table

One of the things I love about Waldorf/Steiner ideas is the emphasis on the seasons and for fourth and having a seasonal table.  So this little nook was a lean on that.  Except I thought we could do a "Bush Table" because I had some beautiful wool felt native animals on hand which I found when de-cluttering I had totally forgotten about.

So I shuffled some furniture around (again!)  and set up this little quiet corner.  The boys are very excited.  William was straight into it dragging out his big books, writing names and labels for all the animals, we have talked about native animals, marsupials and all sorts!  They have collected leaves and gum nuts, made more animals our of craft bits and generally made a mess and had fun whilst learning about Australia. 

Here are a couple of our Australian themed picture books, I have a few more around the place.  We can match up the animals with the books for little Henry and Angus can practice his pronunciation.  His language is OK but his pronunciation is terrible.   There is something for everyone!

We have a lovely nature reserve and park down the road.  The little boys and I went for a walk to the Bush Park there and explored the rocky riverbeds, the beautiful mosaics and other artwork that's hidden amongst the little paths.  It really is a lovely area!

Henry is such a trendsetter here- still wearing his pj top and his big brothers hand me down vest! there are little huts where the kids have dragged sticks together to explore.

Exploring an artistic sculpture area hidden by little paths and bushes!

Henry growing more confident as he climbs up the wall.

Gus and I talked about salt bush when Henry was playing on the slide, how the bush stores its water in its leaves, and how they feel waxy to touch.  That salt bush can live in areas that are very dry.  

We hope to go tomorrow, the walk does us all good!  It was a beautiful morning.  


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