Waldorf dolls and needle felting.

I have been struggling to find the time and energy to sew much lately, I have been so busy out of home with volunteer church groups and so fourth and I added up the time spent and it was 20 plus hours a week some weeks on a big week.  I love it and it is certainly a choice I consciously make but I have not had much time for doll making.

This week I am having a full week off.  I am filling my tank, going to bed early and sewing as much as I can.  I have woken up with terrible sinus pain and have a Dr. appointment booked.  It's been a long time since I have needed antibiotics but I think it may be the case today.

I caught up with a good friend of mine who lives on the other side of the city yesterday.  My goodness it was lovely to talk weaving, sewing and fibers with her!  Our children played so beautifully you would never have known we had 5 children in the house.  I was just what my soul needed.  I gifted her some of my home made soap and she gave me a gorgeous posy of flowers and a scarf she wove from hand spun wool from her spinners and weavers guild.  I was truly spoilt!  This girl is an amazing weaver and she gave me a hard talking too about gifting my dolls, or compromising on my price. (basically being too soft)  Etsy is not working as a selling platform.  Its simply too big.  So this week I will be FORCING myself to look at that. 

I recently taught myself how to needle felt, it is a technique I am loving and it allows me to add more definition to my dolls faces.

Here it is here mid process.....

and here she is finished....

And here she is with her details sewn on.  I'm currently piecing her together.  I love this part.  Stuffing, sewing and forming.  Its where the dolls character takes shape. 

Ready to be pieced together...

I also finished off another sweet fellow who is going to his new home today, I have made this mama a doll for her eldest son before and he is so incredibly loved, smooshed and taken through the absolute ringer whilst going to all kinds of little boy adventured and still holding up - which is always good to see!

And have another cuddle custom doll on the go for a sweet mama as well.  We will see how much I can get through this week.

It appears I have a house of very grumpy little boys today so best get going before they get too out of control.  ;)


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