A loyal old friend.

Yesterday we said goodbye to a loyal old friend.  He had been a big part of our family for 8 years and we rescued him from the pound as a middle aged dog.  He was the scruffiest, motliest dog there and he and Grant had something special from the get go.

His name was Barkely.  He has been by our side as our family grew from just Grant and I to being home to welcome our 3 boys into the world.  He moved house with us from being in the country on land to being in a unit in town, to our current suburban block, he even swam his way through a flood.  His fur has provided a soft place to cry for many a members of this family and has been there to give countless hugs and cuddles in both celebration and sadness.

Enjoying his last nights by the heat of the fire.....He never like to be inside did this silly old dog,  He wanted to be in his yard, patrolling it.  Except in his last days he finally allowed himself to rest his old, weary bones.  

He had a good innings did old Barkley.

Owning pets brings so many lessons to a family.  Responsibility, empathy, gentleness, a companion, friendship.  It also teaches that life is finite.  It will end.  We have used this opportunity to teach our boys about death.  To talk to them about their emotions and to let them sit in their sadness while they work out how to process it.  We let them see death as we brought Barkley home from the vet to bury him in our garden.  They patted him for a final time and saw he looked peaceful.  Death is not something town kids see much of.  But we believe it is important.  It is a reality of life.

Thanks old man, forever in our hearts. 



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    1. Thanks Becci, He was a beautiful old man. But the boys are coping well.


  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending you and your family big hugs from across the world.
    Our pets become such a part of our families. Their death is the hard part but they enrich our lives so much that the sadness of losing them is made tolerable. They teach us so much. I cannot imagine a HOME without a pet.

    1. We are exactly the same. I cannot imagine not having a pet, There is always someone to cuddle and to keep you company when you have a pet in the house I think and the joy they bring in their short lives is well worth the pain of loosing them.

      Poor Grant found his loss especially difficult. They had a special bond.

      But they boys are all doing well now considering.

  3. so sorry for your loss, know how it is when you have a special bond too, it is hard to get over that one, i still cry when i go to talk to my mamma cat who is buried down in my herb garden, she's been gone now for 3 years.
    i also have recently lost pets.
    will you get another pet?
    most of my friends keep telling me i need to get more pets, only have the one cat here now. but need to get fencing done before i consider another dog or cat
    thanx for sharing


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