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We are going to spend the weekend at home chilling out, resting between some odd jobs, pottering in the garden.....Max is my inspiration.  

So here are some blogs and things I have enjoyed or found interesting recently....

The first and my favorite simple living Blog.  So much useful, practical information here. 
Down to Earth

A friend of mine writes this blog. She is an Aboriginal woman returning to country and this documents her time.  The good, her history and the truth of the realities of living in a remote Aboriginal community. 
a dingo named gerald

I love the idea of living structures in the garden, here is a You Tube link of a woman who does it.  But it is certainly something possible on a small garden scale.  Its something Grant and I have played with the idea of in our garden.  
Building with willow

Great out door nature play ideas for the school holidays. 
50 nature play activities for kids

Want to know where your clothing comes from?  Some brands are not as good as you would expect.....
exploitative fashion retailers named and shamed

A blog of a young couple living simple and recently had their first babe.  
House of Humble

I love silly cat videos.....We all need a good giggle!
scaredy cats!


  1. A very interesting article about the fashion houses - thank you

  2. Yes, It found it interesting. Cotton on is my new favorite store - we are on a tight budget so I think it suits the best out of all of them.

    There was a follow up article to it in far more depth which was extremely interesting. I will have a search and try and link it to you if you like.



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