Living it up on a saturday night!

NOTE:  I have changed some settings on my blog to allow anyone to comment, as previously I accidentally had it set to a only google+.  It is a beginners error, I didn't actually realize this was the case.  I'm so sad that as a result I have lost all the wonderful, kind and encouraging comments you have all taken the time to write, but I'm happy to say it will now be easier to anyone to comment with no logging in.  I will however moderate them and then publish them.  Thank you to all the people who pop in and read this little corner of the internet and who share in our families simple living journey.  xx

Grant and I are such homebodies, its saturday night and Im pottering about painting an little old table, made by the last owners from what ever they could find I suspect.

The sides are a couple of pieces of timber joined and the top off cuts of old floor boards.  Its going to be little Henry's bedside table when he gets his own room.  I just used a blue/grey paint we had, I painted a set of book shelves ages ago that were damaged and repaired by us after the flood years ago so they will go together in his room eventually.

Grant is working on the front rooms, prepping them ready to start painting tomorrow.  By then end of next weekend I predict we will have two rooms and the entrance corridor livable, they may still need a few finishing off jobs, but the bulk will be done.

And most excitedly we have an air con guy coming next week and an air-conditioner booked!!  Fingers crossed he can cope with our power board......we are not only pushing forward to get the rooms done by Christmas, but also before school holidays.  It's been 40 degrees plus here over the last couple of days and we are making do by hanging out in our undies draped in wet flannels with a fan on!  So far we have been lucky with no unexpected visitors, I know from experience I can't trust Grant to give me adequate warning.  It amuses him to stress me out.  Cheeky bugger!

I hope you are all keeping cool in this hot weather, and if where you are is cold, them I hope your nice and warm - and if so want to trade?!?  Winter is looking mighty fine today.  

Much love, 


  1. Testing testing on my iPad. Looking good Emma. I think you have solved the problem.

    1. Thanks Chel for your help and patience in sorting it out. Much appreciated as always! Xx

    2. Gorgeous little piece of furniture. I love the colour, I've been using that colour a bit too. Hope you're enjoying your aircon by now. I think I'm having the same problem regarding the inability for some folks to comment Emma. You've maybe helped me with that tip and so have changed it on my settings. Now waiting for it to be tested. Fingers crossed. :)

    3. If you need any help sorting it out please do message message me/email and Ill help you do it.

      Ill go have a look now for you.


  2. Here's hoping the air con is connected very soon. The grey bedside table looks like a completely different piece of furniture with its new paint. It looks great!

    1. Yes, it's really a sweet peice! Can't wait to get the boys rooms togeather and create special spaces just for them. :) xx


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