sewing and fashion.

I decided on the name "Blossom"  for my rainbow inspired waldorf doll!

She is up and ready to go to a new home!  <3

Etsy: Louie's Little dolls. "Blossom"

I can't believe how big our littlest man is getting.  We packed up Henry's cot on the weekend and he is now in a bed!  It's an extendable bed which will grow with him.  It means we can make the most of the space in his little room for now.  We are entering into a new season of life in our family.  I'm not sure if there will be any more babies to be honest.  But I'd be sad to think our baby days are over.....maby just one more?..... ;)

Henry was pretty happy with it!  Great Granny crocheted his blanket.  He has always liked textured blankets even when he was tiny.  

I'm going to make him a raggedy quilt for his big bed as his birthday is in April.  As well as some wall hangings like I did for Gus for his wall.  I found some gorgeous vintage inspired fabric and now I'm on the hunt for some fabric I can tie in with it.  I'm thinking something boat inspired?  I might do a simple yacht stitchery in one of the hoops. 

I'm completely and utterly loving sewing at the moment.  It's fills me with peace and delight.  I have never had a special space for it before all set up and it's just so enjoyable.  

I have decided to take a leap and I'm currently working on a dress for myself.  It will be lovely for autumn with leggings and ankle boots.  

Its funny how in the process of simplifying my life, my wardrobe has also simplified.  Its like I have worked out my own real style that suits me, which I guess comes with me knowing who I am and what I value in my heart of hearts.  I love natural fibers, lose fitting dresses with generous pockets to keep my bits and bobs in and high waisted leggings that keep me feeling nice and secure. (I told you I'm a Nanna!) I need to be comfortable, I have no patience for clothes that are not breathable, soft and comfortable.  They need to be able to accommodate for playing with children and having quiet snuggles.  There are not many clothes I love in the shops.  I can find tops but Im hoping this dress pattern will be one I make many times over with a few variations for summer and winter.  I don't have much need for up to date fashion, make up or fancy hair styles but I still want to look nice and natural you know?  I guess I feel like my style is a little earthy, a little quirky but simple.  Nothing fussy.  I don't do fussy!  

I hope your having a relaxing week so far! 




  1. Emma, I love your doll's hair! Very cute! Are you implying that Nannas like wearing comfortable clothes? Ha ha! If you are you are right. LOL!

    1. LOL! yes I am Chel! I look at girls tottering on heals and beautiful trendy fitted clothing and think they look lovely but oh my, Its just not me. I just cant pretend it is, even for a second! LOL!

      Each to their own. :) But I will be embracing "Modern Nanna" all the way. hahaha! ;)


  2. Love the name you chose for your new doll. As for clothes I am a jeans and t-shirt person myself. I have never been a dress girl. I am lucky to get my hair cut once or twice a year. As for makeup..that is long gone. I think as we get a little older and wiser we realize who we really are as a person. Become comfortable in our own skin and not worry so much of what others think. Have fun making your new dress. Hope to see the finished product here soon.

    1. I used to be a jeans girl too. :) Bit since having babies they seem too stiff, too restrictive. The waist is either too low and impracticable for bending, or the high waisted jeans cut in to my "softer then before" tummy. So I have embraced leggings and soft dresses or harem pants and tee shirts, the are so comfy for me! LOL! Seeing as my breast feeding days with Henry are nearly finished I can have a little more freedom in my clothing again.

      I don't wear a lot of make up but do like to pop on a little mascara, powder, blush and lip gloss on a special occasion - but it is very light and only occasional these days! I figure Im going for the "earthy look" ;)



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