Im back. :)

So after a trial of going off my medication I have decided to go back on them.  I was slipping, I was teary, my mind was growing foggier, my memory was just terrible and I was utterly exhausted. 

I had a few good days in here and there which gives me hope that one day I will be able to be free of medication and manage it naturally but for now I have decided I still need a little extra help and that's just fine too.  :)

It has been a good few days since I went back on my medication.  Today I woke up and my mind was clear and brighter then it has been in weeks.  Its lovely!

I have been out in the garden watering and picking herbs for a cup of fresh herbal tea, tending to the chooks, getting on top of the laundry.  Its a beautiful day here.

We will be having chops for dinner, with a garlic and rosemary....something?  And served with home made oven chips and some greens on the side.  I made custard for the boys for dessert which they never get tired off - Children are funny like that!  

We are a chook down as our sick chook was just lingering for days.  She was not getting better, she was not eating and she is quite old so after a little discussion and explaining to the boys, Grant put her out of her misery.  They coped very well.

I have a Waldorf doll set give away on my face book page if anyone is interested in entering!
She is made from:  
- 100% cotton swiss tricott
- mohair hand crocheted hair wig
- stuffed will pure wool
- clothing and ring sling made from cotton
- felt boots
- hand dyed cotton stretch. 

Here she is here.....Her name is "Lou" and is very sweet.  Her overalls are an offcut from the dress I made the other week!  I really love that fabric!

And here is the link to enter....
 Waldorf doll give away

Good luck!  I'm off to do some sewing.



  1. It's good to read you are feeling better. I hope you have a lovely day.

  2. some meds aren't designed to come off cold turkey, you may have to go down to a milder one. there are many good herbs you can use to help too. you will get there eventually, tiny steps & slowly, don't rush it, it will happen for you. glad you are feeling better.
    thanx for sharing

    1. Yes, I was very careful in knowing dosages. :)

      I think looking a little further into herbs is a great idea. I have st Johns Wort growing but I think that is about it....oh and camomile.


  3. So glad you are feeling more like yourself. Sometimes meds from a Dr are all we can do. I take meds as well and will never be able to function without them. They are for my Arthritis. I would be bed ridden without them. I hope you are able to ween yourself off of your meds. I wonder if your Dr has any insight on switching to herbal help. He or she may even have a name of an herbalist that he could collaborate with. Does that make sense?
    I love your dolls and wish I had a little girl I could give one too. They are so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thankyou! I think there is a young girl in all of us. ;)

      I did have a great Dr at one stage bt sadly she moved on. I have heard of another though she is difficult to get into. I should try her again. Good thinking. Except she wanted me to go dairy/gluten free. ;) I was really bad at it!


  4. Emma, I tried to comment yesterday on Bloglovin but the App is just hopeless at the moment and sometimes won't move past your header. I hope you are feeling better and just take your time with coming off the meds. All in due time.

    1. Thanks chel, often I cant comment on others blogs too, its very frustrating!!



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